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Jean Vandromme

preflight request error compilation

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Hi Andrea,

I try to decomment the preflight request sample in server.ignition.pas of the WebTemplate demo but got an error:

[dcc32 Error] Server.Ignition.pas(80): E2010 Incompatible types: 'TBeforeHandleRequestProc' and 'Procedure'


What do I do wrong ?




Jean Vandromme

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Hi @Jean Vandromme,

it is a regression as I changed the argument types of that anonymous method.

I fixed the same issue on other demos but I probably missed that one.


Please check https://github.com/andrea-magni/MARS/commit/91a3a286d0e789375ec7fa0c8e98b4c7b59b5586

The changes for Server.Ignition.pas are the same you are looking for.


Let me know if you can solve this (and if you like, please open a pull request with the fixes!)



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Thanks Andrea but it seems I have to do something more to get rid of a 500 server error.

I try to acces the FireDac server demo through an angular frontend. I had first a CORS problem which is now resolved. But now I have a 500 internal error server when a I try a simple get for the employee table.

I can access it with Postman without any problem. 

I add this in the Form.create of server.forms.main.pas:


  // MARS-Curiosity Engine
  FEngine := TMARSEngine.Create;
    FEngine.AddApplication('DefaultApp', '/default', ['Server.*']);
    PortNumberEdit.Text := FEngine.Port.ToString;
    TMARSFireDAC.LoadConnectionDefs(FEngine.Parameters, 'FireDAC');

    FEngine.BeforeHandleRequest :=
    function (const AEngine: TMARSEngine;
      const AURL: TMARSURL; const ARequest: IMARSRequest; const AResponse: IMARSResponse;
      var Handled: Boolean
    😞 Boolean
      //Result := True;
      if SameText(AURL.Document, 'favicon.ico') then
        Result := False;
        Handled := True;

      // Handle CORS and PreFlight
      if SameText(ARequest.Method, 'OPTIONS') then
        Handled := True;
        Result := False;

      Result := True;


This is the headers response in POSTMAN


Connection close
Content-Type application/json
Content-Length 2420
Date Tue, 14 May 2019 13:25:39 GMT
Access-Control-Allow-Origin *
Access-Control-Allow-Headers X-Requested-With,Content-Type,Authorization
In chrome, I have a 500 internal error server

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