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Mark Williams

FireDac writing to TDataSetField's NestedDataSet

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I am trying to work with integer arrays in a Postgres integer[] field.


I have read somewhere that with Postgres you need to use NestedDataSets to read the data rather than TArrayField and that seems to be correct.


I can successfully write back to the dataset using TArrayField in an Insert Query.


I can read from the integer[] field using TDataSet and nested fields. 


However, I cannot work out how to write to the TDataSetField. I have tried the following:


 	for i:=0 to high(arr) do

The error I get on trying to post data edited as above is


Cannot read data from or write data to the invariant column [page_array]. Hint: use properties and methods, like a NestedTable.

I tried to use "AsInteger" instead of value, but got the same error.

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