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A.M. Hoornweg

THTTPReqResp.OnBeforePost breaking change

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Hello all,


I'm trying to port an older (Delphi XE) SOAP client application to Delphi Rio.  I'm stumbling upon a breaking change in THTTPReqResp, which is used by tHTTPRio.  The signature of the event THTTPReqResp.OnBeforePost has changed completely. 


Formerly the signature was:


  TBeforePostEvent = procedure (CONST HTTPReqResp: THTTPReqResp; Data: Pointer);


My routine does some manipulation of the http headers, for example it calls wininet.HTTPAddRequestHeaders(Data, ...) to allow gzip encoding and wininet.InternetSetOption(Data,....) to accept an invalid/self-signed SSL certificate.



The new signature of the event has become:


  TBeforePostEvent = procedure(const HTTPReqResp: THTTPReqResp; Client: THTTPClient) of object;


and now I'm stumped. How can I achieve the same as before? I want to accept gzip encoded data and I want to accept self signed SSL certificates.


Kind regards,




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I have the similar problem like A.M.H. has, just from 10.2 to 10.3. I update last week to 10.3.2 and the problem is still there... Any idea how to solve it?




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@A.M. Hoornweg, did you checked THttpClient API ?

  • accept gzip encoded data: set THttpClient.AutomaticDecompression to [THTTPCompressionMethod.GZip]
  • accept an invalid/self-signed SSL certificate: set THttpClient.OnValidateServerCertificate to event handler which optionally can analyze Certificate and set Accepted to True / False
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