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(Kastri) Receiver not registered: null exception when creating TLocalReceiver

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I'm trying to get the Foreground service demo application to work in Delphi 12. Therefore I copied the files to a new project, checked the manifest files and I got everything set as it should. However when I start the service, an exception is raised inside the service create method:


constructor TServiceModule.Create(AOwner: TComponent);
  TOSLog.d('TServiceModule.Create - 1');
  FLocalReceiver := TLocalReceiver.Create(Self);  <-- java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Receiver not registered: null
  TOSLog.d('TServiceModule.Create - 2');
  FService := TJService.Wrap(System.JavaContext);
  TOSLog.d('TServiceModule.Create - 3');
  TOSLog.d('TServiceModule.Create - 4');

I think I'm missing something, what should be done to 'Register' a receiver?



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Fixed it by adding dw-kastri-base-3.0.0.jar to the project.

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