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Ian Branch

Removing Bookmarks issue. - Caution.

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Hi Team,

Using D12.1.

I noticed that Parnassus Bookmarks had been updated in Getit.  From to

In Getit, I uninstalled my Bookmarks and installed the newer

All went well.

I then noticed I had two installs of Parnassus CoreEditor, &

This surprised me as CorEditor was originally installed by Bookmarks, so I thought uninstalling Bookmarks would have deinstalled CorEditor, unless there were other Parnassus items installed.  i.e. Parallel Debugger if it needed it.  There wasn't.

Anyway, I proceded to uninstall CoreEditor  Big Mistake.

Seems Delphi stilll had its hooks in it.  😞

The consequence of this was when Delphi tried to reload it Froze telling me about the inability to find the coreeditor dll.  Only resolved by the Task Manager.

I ultimately resolved it by removing the Bookmarks & CoreEditor from the Catalog Repository, opening Delphi and reinstalling the new Bookmarks, which of course gave me the new Core Editor as well.

HTH anybody in the future.

Of course this may be my unique configuration/PC issue. 

Anybody else been caught out by this?


P.S.  Something that would be helpful, would be some indication of what has changed between the two versions....




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