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  1. Hi Team, Using D12.1. I noticed that Parnassus Bookmarks had been updated in Getit. From to In Getit, I uninstalled my Bookmarks and installed the newer All went well. I then noticed I had two installs of Parnassus CoreEditor, & This surprised me as CorEditor was originally installed by Bookmarks, so I thought uninstalling Bookmarks would have deinstalled CorEditor, unless there were other Parnassus items installed. i.e. Parallel Debugger if it needed it. There wasn't. Anyway, I proceded to uninstall CoreEditor Big Mistake. Seems Delphi stilll had its hooks in it. 😞 The consequence of this was when Delphi tried to reload it Froze telling me about the inability to find the coreeditor dll. Only resolved by the Task Manager. I ultimately resolved it by removing the Bookmarks & CoreEditor from the Catalog Repository, opening Delphi and reinstalling the new Bookmarks, which of course gave me the new Core Editor as well. HTH anybody in the future. Of course this may be my unique configuration/PC issue. Anybody else been caught out by this? P.S. Something that would be helpful, would be some indication of what has changed between the two versions.... Regards, Ian
  2. Ian Branch

    Read a .ini file in the project file??

    Oh My! Found it. I really do need to get my eyes rechecked. It wasn't DBWIni.ini, it was DBiWIni.ini. All good now. Thank you for your inputs and apologies for any inconvenience. Ian
  3. Ian Branch

    Read a .ini file in the project file??

    This is the relevant section. I can't show the rest of the ini content as there is confidential information in it. In another App, albeit in the mainform, I access the data like this: procedure TMainForm.LoadIPMemoFromIni; var DelimitedString: string; LineList: TStringList; begin LineList := TStringList.Create; try DelimitedString := DBWIni.ReadString('DBiDashboard', 'IPAddresses', ''); if DelimitedString <> '' then begin LineList.CommaText := DelimitedString; IPMemo.Lines.Assign(LineList); end; finally LineList.Free; end; end; And it works fine. Here, DBWIni is a TIni component.
  4. Hi Team, I have this code in the project file: // Create or open the DBW.ini file oDBWIni := TIniFile.Create('E:\DBiWorkflow\DBW.ini'); try // Read the delimited IP addresses from the 'DBiDashboard' section with 'IPAddresses' identifier sAllowedIPs := oDBWIni.ReadString('DBiDashboard', 'IPAddresses', ''); finally // Free the DBWIni object to release resources oDBWIni.Free; // end; // ShowMessage(sAllowedIPs); // oDBWIni is declared as a TIniFile in the Var. System.IniFiles is in the uses clause. The file is there, the section is there, the identifier is there and there are valid IPs there. But, sAllowedIPs shows nothing. 😞 What have I missed please? Regards & TIA, Ian
  5. Ian Branch

    Flow Chart Software??

    Hi All, Thank you for your suggestions. Appreciated. I have drawio and it isOK for what it is. I also have Unit Dependancy Viewer, it too is good at what it does, but what it produces isn't something to feed a Customer/User. Being lazy, I was looking for something that will open the Unit and generate a flowchart.
  6. Ian Branch

    Flow Chart Software??

    Hi Team, I am after a good Flowchart application to 'flowchart' my Delphi units. I see there are several out there. Interested in recommendations from Delphi Users. Regards & TIA, Ian
  7. Ian Branch

    Block Component Exit Event on Cancel?

    Hi Guys, Thank you for your inputs. I have moved the handling to the OK button. All good now. Regards, Ian
  8. Hi Team, I have the following procedure. procedure TLogInForm.edtUserIDExit(Sender: TObject); begin // if Trim(edtUserID.Text) = '' then begin TaskMessageDlg('User ID Error!', 'A User ID is required to be entered.', mtError, [mbOK], 0); edtUserID.SetFocus; end; // end; The procedure is in a home brew Log in Dialog. It works fine, with one exception, If I click Cancel on the form and edtUserID is empty, of course the event fires. How do I bypass/negate the event if btnCancel is clicked when edtUserID is empty? Regards & TIA, Ian
  9. Ian Branch

    Uses Clause Sorting??

    Hi Team, I recently had the experience where all of my '.dproj' files in a major project group were corrupted. 😞 So, I have had to rebuild them. Oh, the pain! Anyway, MMX onfiguration is of course part of that. Having set a few 'Groups' in the 'Uses Clause Sorting' i tried setting the 'Default'. Much to my pleasure, as I opened MMX for each of the 'new' projects, the Default and the Groups were set. Halleluah!! Now, from time to time I extend the listing. I tested and found that if I added to the 'Default', it didn't propagate to the 'Groups'. 😞 It would be nice to have, say a checkbox, that made the Default used instead of Groups. If I guess correctly, if I change 'Default' then it would be used in all the Projects?? Just a thought.. Regards, Ian
  10. Ian Branch

    {$Defines xxxx} not working at design time..

    Found it!!! Seems somehow all my current .dproj files have been corrupted. 😞 Deleted and rebuild, all good. Very strange. Thanks to all for your inputs, appreciated. Ian
  11. Ian Branch

    {$Defines xxxx} not working at design time..

    Thank you to all for your input so far. Appreciated. The fact that I can create a New project and it works fine suggests that the functionality itself is still there and working. I opened a project that I hadn't touched for months, it worked fine.... Which suggests something related to ALL my current projects. I tried adding a new form to a current project and testing, same result. 😞
  12. Ian Branch

    {$Defines xxxx} not working at design time..

    I can create a new project and it all works fine/as expected.
  13. Ian Branch

    {$Defines xxxx} not working at design time..

    I just checked an old Console App and it is doing the same thing there. 😞
  14. Ian Branch

    {$Defines xxxx} not working at design time..

    FWIW, it is doing it on all my projects, even ones I haven't touched in a while. 😞
  15. Ian Branch

    {$Defines xxxx} not working at design time..

    Hi Uwe, Ctrl-Click works fine. CodeInsight doesn't throw anything up. ErrorInsight doesn't show anything. Ian