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  1. Ian Branch

    Report components: good, bad, ugly

    Report Builder by Digital Metaphors.
  2. Ian Branch

    MMX 15 (Beta) Available

    Hi Uwe, Hmmm. I'm not aware of changing any fonts. What should the standard font be for the editor? It was set with 'Determine Line height at startup' checked. I unchecked it and changed the Line height correction to 0 and was still one down, so I changed it to -1 and it became one up, :-( I think I shall just turn 'Display cursor position indicator off. FYI - I am running D10.3.2, Windows 10, 1920 x 1080 screen. Regards, Ian
  3. Ian Branch

    MMX 15 (Beta) Available

    Hi Uwe, Haven't played with MMX much although I have had it for a long time. I recently updated to D10.3.2 and just loaded the MMX Beta you just posted . I hadn't noticed it previously, but I see an additional line cursor moving with my editing cursor. See picture attached. What's the story with the dislocation between the editing cursor and the mmx cursor? Regards & TIA, Ian
  4. Ian Branch

    Successful Update to D10.3.2.

    Hi Guys, Just like to throw in a positive note. We seem quick to criticize but slow to recognize. !@#$%^& Yankee spelling.... I just updated from 10.3.1 to 10.3.2 using the web update and had absolutely no issues. Obviously some of the 3rd party libraries had to be updated also but all went smoothly. Regards, Ian
  5. Ian Branch

    Delphi Memory Managers?

    Hi Guys, This might be one of those personal preference things... Does anybody have any view on using the built in (Delphi Rio) memory manager v using FastMM4 or ScaleMM2? Or any other 3rd Party Delphi Memory manager for that matter? I use EurekaLog for error trapping so I don't need/use that functionality from FastMM4 per se. Thoughts, preferences. reasons? Regards, Ian
  6. Ian Branch

    E2161 Warning: Duplicate resource

    Hi Team, Great minds..... I found it. It was in one of the source files. {$R verinfo.res} I took it out. Guess what? The file size jumped by about 500k. What the!!! Anyway, the duplicate warning is now gone. Regards, Ian
  7. Ian Branch

    E2161 Warning: Duplicate resource

    Thanks Peter, There is only a {$R *.res} in the project file so I guess it is coming from one of the 3rd Party libraries. It doesn't seem to affect the App at all although the 'Project compilation failed. message was disconcerting until I realized it was in fact built. Something to just put up with I guess. Regards & Tks again, Ian
  8. Ian Branch

    E2161 Warning: Duplicate resource

    Hi Team, Pulled up an old App renamed it and re-built it in D2007. I get the following Messages.. >> [DCC Error] E2161 Warning: Duplicate resource: Type 16 (VERSIONINFO), ID 1; File E:\DBiWorkflow D2007 Development\DBiManager\DBiManager.res resource kept; file E:\DBiWorkflow D2007 Development\DBiManager\verinfo.res resource discarded. >> [DCC Error] E2161 Warning: Duplicate resource: Type 24 (user-defined), ID 1; File E:\DBiWorkflow D2007 Development\DBiManager\DBiManager.res resource kept; file E:\DBiWorkflow D2007 Development\DBiManager\verinfo.res resource discarded. DBiWorkflow is the new name of the App. Never come across this before. What is the appropriate action to eliminate this warning pls? Where do I find reference to DBiWorkflow.res and verinfo.res in the project files? Is it any real concern? I note Delphi says after this that the "Project compilation failed" however it is actually there and runs as expected. Regards & TIA, Ian
  9. Ian Branch

    Minimize Button only on Form?

    Hi Schokohase, Thank you for the advice on the buttons. I was afraid of that. Philosophical discussion - On the aspect of 'User-friendly' - User-friendly is not what I or Microsoft say it is, it is what the User says it is. If he/she doesn't like the way it looks or the way it does it, it isn't user-friendly, to them. Yes, there tomes about the right way to do things however ultimately it is the User that decides. And ultimately they are the ones paying the Bills. 🙂 Regards, Ian
  10. Ian Branch

    Minimize Button only on Form?

    Hi Team, I want to have the only the Minimize button border icon on the form but it seems I have to have the SystemMenu button on as well. :-( Is there any way to just have the minimize button and not the SystemMenu button? The form BorderStyle is bsSingle. Regards & TIA, Ian
  11. Hi Team, Perhaps I am looking at this from the wrong perspective. The primary issue is the Customers Internet access/availability. The Customers are based in the Pacific and their Internet/ISPs tend to be a little iffy. Yesterday, one of the Customer's Internet access was down for 3 hours. :-( I think instead of testing for the smtp server I will simply test for the ability to access the internet with something like this.. uses ...., wininet; Function CheckUrl(url: string): Boolean; var hSession, hfile, hRequest: hInternet; dwindex, dwcodelen: dword; dwcode: array [1 .. 20] of char; res: pchar; begin if pos('http://', lowercase(url)) = 0 then url := 'http://' + url; Result := False; hSession := InternetOpen('InetURL:/1.0', INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PRECONFIG, nil, nil, 0); if assigned(hSession) then begin hfile := InternetOpenUrl(hSession, pchar(url), nil, 0, INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD, 0); dwindex := 0; dwcodelen := 10; HttpQueryInfo(hfile, HTTP_QUERY_STATUS_CODE, @dwcode, dwcodelen, dwindex); res := pchar(@dwcode); Result := (res = '200') or (res = '302'); if assigned(hfile) then InternetCloseHandle(hfile); InternetCloseHandle(hSession); end; end; Just prior to the email creation. Regards, Ian
  12. Trying to save the User the hassle of creating the email in the first place if the SMTP Server is not available.
  13. OK. I Surrender. :-)
  14. Are they really that flaky?
  15. Hmmm. Yes, I could do that but I would rather test if the server is available when the App is started, not when I want to send an email.