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  1. Ian Branch

    10.3.1 has been released

    Rather than dive in and install immediately as I did with D10.3, I think I will wait a week and see what the consensus is and any little gotchyas that emerge.
  2. Ian Branch

    Get network server time?

    Hi Sherlock, After all the investigation the issue has become moot. The Customer has decided to tell the multinational to fix their end and he has set all their wkstns to his local time. Problem resolved however it was an interesting exercise. My thank to all concerned for your input. Ian P.S. As a Bonus - The little NTP test app I did found a PC on the Customer's network that had the Time/TZ incorrectly set up. They are no longer in daylight saving but the flag was still set and the user had manually adjusted the clock to local/non dst time. 😞 It should have been all auto. Fixed.
  3. Ian Branch

    New features in GExperts

    Hi Thomas, Is this something that could be merged into GExperts? https://en.delphipraxis.net/topic/354-property-editor-on-the-finest-art/ Ian
  4. Ian Branch

    Get network server time?

    Hi Sherlock, Having a play with Indy and NTP att. Works fine here, Will have to test on the clients network to make sure the port is open. Some progress I guess. Thanks for the input. Ian
  5. Ian Branch

    Get network server time?

    HI Sherlock, Tks for the input. I had considered UTC but the Users are not the brightest. 😞 As for the need to have a timezone different to local, it is due to a multinational's online software requiring them to be in the same TZ as their server. 😞 Unfortunately the Users can't do anything about it. 😞 I could use an NTP service I suppose providing it was going to return the Local DTG including DST. Have to look at some techniques. Regards, Ian
  6. Ian Branch

    Get network server time?

    Hi Guys, One of my Users has to have some of their PCs set to their local time and others to a different timezone. :-( This is causing grief in the logs as 'Now' gives the current PCs time. Is there a way to retrieve the Server's current Date/Time, also their local time, so the Logs will be correct? The Server is a Windows 2012 R2 server. Is there a better mechanism? Regards & TIA, Ian
  7. Ian Branch

    Abnormal file size..

    Oh? I wasn't aware there were two places. Shows how much I don't delve into the inner workings I guess. Found the second under Linker Options. Not sure at all how it got set as I don't generally access this area. Turned it off and now file size is around what was/is expected. Thanks Thomas. Ian.
  8. Ian Branch

    Abnormal file size..

    Hi Attila, Peter, I am aware that the Debug info is included in the produced exe. As it is for all my the Apps in the project gp. The absolute size is not the issue/question. What I don't understand is why the blowout in size compared to all the other Apps. Ian
  9. Ian Branch

    Abnormal file size..

    Hi Team, D10.2.3, Win 10 PC. I have a suite of 17 Apps in a project all using to a greater or lesser extent some 3rd party libraries. The Apps are all 32 bit, Debug build. 16 of the Apps range in Build size from, in round figures, 10MB to 39MB. No problem. The 17th App however, a single form with relatively few 3rd Party items in use, Builds to 55MB. Huh? I am at a loss as to what is causing this blowout in size as to the best I can tell it is 'created' exactly the same as previous and later Apps. I would appreciate any suggestions as to where to look for what might be blowing the file size out so dramatically. Note: This is not specific to D10.3, I had the same issue with the App in D10.2.3, just now it annoy the hell out of me not understanding what the cause is. :-( Regards & TIA, Ian
  10. Ian Branch

    Single Instance of Dephi IDE?

    It's my warning that I already have Delphi open. ;-)
  11. Ian Branch

    Single Instance of Dephi IDE?

    And GExperts complains on the second and subsequent instances... ;-)
  12. Ian Branch

    Single Instance of Dephi IDE?

    Suggestion submitted to QP. RSP23412 https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-23412
  13. Ian Branch

    Single Instance of Dephi IDE?

    Hi Guys, Thank you for your inputs. It's the simple things... I have always worked with a Delphi shortcut, or two, or three on the desktop. It has just become a reflex to go to it an click. Remove the short cut and put it on the Task Bar? I will give it a try. Have to watch those automated fingers roaming around the desktop looking for the shortcut. ;-) I understand developers may want to have multiple copies open at the same time, can't really see why but that reflects what I do and how I work. I still think a switch to disable multiple copies to be open, or not, would be handy. Unfortunately my skills don't extend to writing plug-ins and interacting with the IDE. Thanks again Guys, Ian
  14. Ian Branch

    Single Instance of Dephi IDE?

    Hi Team, D10.2.3 Is there any way to make the Delphi only open a single instance and if I try to open it again it won't and/or goes to the already open instance? I keep forgetting it is open and minimised whilst I work on other things and then click unthinkingly on the shortcut. :-( Regards & TIA, Ian
  15. Ian Branch

    Test Bits in a Byte

    Yes I have/do. :-)