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Stuart Clennett

Using TFDQuery on DataModule with Resource Result Type TFDDataset

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Is there anyway I can use a TFDQuery owned by a TDataModule with the resource result type TFDDataset (produces TMediaType.Application_JSON) ? 


At present MARS adds the FDQuery to the Activation context, so it tries to free it & it's already freed when the Datamodule is freed (as part of the resource cleanup) in the TMARSActivation.Invoke, e.g.


function TAssessmentResource.GetAssessment(const id: string): TFDDataSet;
  // result := FData.qryAssessmentProperties;    <-- results in Invalid Pointer Operation (FData is private DataModule)
  result := FD.CreateQuery(SQL_ASSESSMENT_PROPERTIES, nil, True, 'assessmentProperties');
  TFDQuery(result).Params[0].AsString := id;

The cause is as below:

procedure TMARSActivation.Invoke;
// [..snip..]
  	// [ ... invoke code ... ]
    // teardown phase
    FTeardownTime := TStopwatch.StartNew;
    if Assigned(FResourceInstance) then
      FResourceInstance.Free;  //<-- datamodule & TFQuery freed here
    FreeContext;               //<-- TFDQuery is in the current context so attempts to free here = Invalid Pointer Operation


I'd rather not have to create my own JSON stream, but I'd like to have my DB logic encapsulated in a data module.





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Hi @Stuart Clennett,

you can add the IsReference attribute to instruct MARS not to free the object returned by the method (as it will be destroyed within the datamodule of course, as it is its owner).


[GET/POST, IsReference]

function GetAssessment(const id: string): TFDDataSet;




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