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ANN: WPTools 9.1 - word processing VCL

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WPTools is a complete WYSIWYG word processing control which does not add a huge overhead to your program. It loads and saves RTF, HTML, text and its own native format. DocX import and export functionality is available as an add-on and, for PDF export, use our wPDF component.


WPTools reliably supports editable headers and footers in its page layout mode. Zooming, splitscreen, tables - including the possibility of page breaks inside table rows - and a powerful concept with a CSS-like paragraph style are supported by the modern architecture. Optional support for footnotes, columns and text boxes is availabe in the Premium Edition.


Please see our website and the WPTools 9 word processing EXE demo.


WPTools 9 includes the improved component WPImagelist which holds the icons for the TWPToolbar.


If you add the unit WPIcons to your project (i.e. in one uses clause) all TWPToolbars will automatically use the new, nicer icons. The color icons can now display the current color.

You can use the WPImageList with the TWPToolButtons to create a modern GUI easily.

The WPImageList can also populate a standard TImageList.


WPTools 9 creates PropertyGrids

To display an inspector like grid, you can use the new API AppendPropertyGrid and AppendPropertyRow.      


Support for inplace checkbox controls


The check boxes can be automatically created within property grids. But they can also be added in code to any cell or text object. Internally they are based on a "InplaceEditor" architecture which will be subsequently extended and improved.

Now it is possible to have round and square check boxes, also with radio button functionality. It is also possible to use an event to paint the appearance, i.e. by using gylphs from the TWPImageList. The extended properties used by the inplace editors can be saved in WPT format.


 Dynamic Tables (TableProducer component - included in  WPTools "Bundle")


Do you need to present the user the result of a database query and also print it? With WPTools' dynamic tables the user can not only browse the result of the query, but also change the appearance of the table and the data cells and print it in WYSIWYG manner.

In contrast to "data-grid" solutions, it is also possible to copy part of the created tables and paste them directly into a word processor program, such as MS Word or, of course, TWPRichText.


Improved, more intuitive API


Many low level TParagraph methods return a reference of the used paragraph.

This makes compact and easy to understand coding possible. There is now also a simplified variant of TableAdd() which works with an anonymous procedure as callback


New possibility to automatically direct all character attribute changes to the attributes of the paragraph


If axtivated, a change of the font of a paragraph will not change the current writing mode or the selected text but the paragraph(!) attributes directly. The effect is, that the complete paragraph will change. Also the character attributes will automatically cleared. We uses this feature in our TableProducer demo. Here the user can change the attributes of the lines with the field names and later this attribute will be used to update the table. So the user can directly change the background color or use a bold or italic font style.


Support for the Windows Emoji Font.


Symbol objects can now be rendered using Direct2D (on a temporary bitmap, for compatibility). This enables the colors in certain fonts, such as the Segoe UI Emoji font.

The special rendering can be enabled using ViewOptionsEx2  and is also activated in the Insert-Symbol dialog for the font with the name in the variable WPDrawD2DTextForFont and can also be selected per object.




Julian Ziersch

WPCubed GmbH - www.wpcubed.com

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WPTools 9.1.015 is available now. 


It now includes a light weight SVG rendering engine to create the symbols used by the toolbar and the ruler just in time at the resolution which is actually required.

This solves high-dpi issues without having to deal with a multitude of bitmaps. (Requires Delphi XE2 and later)


Also available now: WPTools for Firemonkey - for more and current information please see 




Julian Ziersch

WPCubed GmbH - www.wpcubed.com

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