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Multicast configuration...

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Never used multicast before and not having success.
I must send a request to a device at port 1500 using UDP.
The device will begin multicasting data on address port 1500.
I send the request and I see the device sending the data on Wireshark. I just do not get any OnDataAvaliable calls.

I set the TWSocket as:

multiSocket.Addr:='';		//nic to bind to
multiSocket.Port:=portNum;				//1500
multiSocket.MultiCastAddrStr:=''; //this is the dst address I see in wireshark, 
										   //tried the sender ip address and got error IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP ;

No error, no data.

I can configure the multicast address on the device. Should the address be changed?
What am I doing wrong?






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W10 Firewall was allowing outgoing but not incoming.


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