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FireMonkey BLE Android BluetoothLE1.GetCharacteristic fail

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Delphi 10.3.1


My steps:


1. BluetoothLE1.DiscoverDevices(3000);  Can find device, trigger BluetoothLE1EndDiscoverDevices event.

2. FDevice.DiscoverServices; can get services. I can got a service by: AService := BluetoothLE1.GetService(FDevice, MyService_ID);

3. and then if I call: ACharacteristic := BluetoothLE1.GetCharacteristic(AService, My_Characteristic_ID);  I got nil.



at 3, this method will be ok:

for I := 0 to AService.Characteristics.Count -1 do
    if Aservice.Characteristics.UUID = My_Characteristic_ID then
      ACharacteristic := Aservice.Characteristics;


After I do this for loop, ACharacteristic := BluetoothLE1.GetCharacteristic(AService, My_Characteristic_ID); will get the right thing.


So, Is it a issue?

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