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Compiler Fatal Error with FastDcc32 and -x-cgo option

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On my RAD Studio 10.3.2 with IDE Fixpack 6.4.4 installed I get a Compiler Fatal error when I pass the -x-cgo compiler option:

[dcc32 Fatal Error] frmMain.pas(36): F2084 Internal Error: AV1335D091(0D0F0000)-R00000001-0


This happens when the compiler encounters a simple integer division:


function TForm1.DoDivision(AValue: Integer): integer;
  result := AValue div FIntegerField;


By removing the -x-cgo option the compiler is happy again !


I have all the latest hotfixes install (at least the ones I know :-) )

I didn't get this error with Delphi 10.2.3 version and IDE FixPack 6.4.2.

Is this a known problem or is something wrong with my installation ? I verified twice and couldn't find anything wrong...


Perhaps important info, I have both 10.3.2 and 10.2.3 installed on same VM. But I left some paths to be sure the compiler doesn't catch some wrong files. It seems OK from this side.



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You do realize that the -x options are provided by the fixpack and thus are only via some hackery done by Andreas and might not be stable, yes?


@jbg FYI

Edited by Stefan Glienke

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Hi, yes of course, but I was just wondering if it is a known bug of the fixpack or if I'm doing something wrong.

Thanks I didn't catch there are some entries for IDEFixpack

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Fine it works.

I didn't check the result, but at least it doesn't make the compiler fail !!!

Thanks a lot for your work !!!


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