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MiTeC System Information Component Suite 14.0.0 released

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New version 14.0.0 released


+ TProcListMonThread, TSysMonThread, TProcMonThread and TSysModListMonThread merged to new one - TSysProcMonThread (MSI_ProcListMon.pas, MSI_SysMon.pas, MSI.ProcMon.pas, MSI_SysModListMon -> MSI_SysProcMon.pas)
+ TMiTeC_SysProcMon - CPU usage measuring rewritten and precised - process cpu cycle time is used to usage calculation
+ TMiTeC_SysProcMon - CPU clock frequency evaluation rewritten - now it is based on real power distribution
+ TMiTeC_SysProcMon - Handle enumeration rewritten to reflect latest available APIs
+ TMiTeC_SysProcMon - System process module enumeration added
+ TMiTeC_SysProcMon - Windows 2000 compatibility fixed
+ TMiTeC_SysProcMon - Thread start address symbol evaluation
+ TMiTeC_Security - added product state, component rewritten->new interface
+ TMiTeC_SMBIOS - Windows 2000 compatibility fixed
+ TMiTeC_Storage - added SMART data reading for USB disks
+ TMiTeC_SMBIOS - initial SMBIOS 3.4 compliance
+ TMiTeC_SMBIOS - Hardware Security table 24 added
+ TMiTeC_SMBIOS - OEMM strings table 11 added

+ FPC/Lazarus compatibility


 For more information about the library, download locations and documentation, see the MiTeC System Information Component Suite Home Page



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