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John Kouraklis

Client Library for FusionAuth?

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Hi John,


We don't have a supported Delphi client library. You may be able to get by with just an OAuth client if you are only looking for authentication (I'm not familiar with available Delphi libraries, but this looks promising: https://github.com/stievie/POAuth2 ).


If you find or write a Delphi library, please let me know, as I'd love to share it with our community.


Otherwise you have a few options:

* create a client. The client builder uses JSON, language specific files and Apache Freemarker to build the clients. The repository is here: https://github.com/FusionAuth/fusionauth-client-builder and we accept contributions

* file a github issue explaining what you'd like. We prioritize community input

* if you are in the position to pay, engage the FusionAuth team to build out a client library.

* use the API directly via HTTP(s) calls (this might be the simplest option).


Hope this helps. FYI, I'm a FusionAuth employee.

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Hi @Dan Moore,


I ended up writing my own. It does not provide full cover of the API; I only added the calls I needed.


I can share it with the community but need to clear it up a bit as at the moment it uses some proprietary code. I only used it for simplicity but it can be replaces with open source.







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@John Kouraklis


Great, glad you solved your problem! Please let me know whenever you get a chance to cleaning it up and I'll definitely share it and add a link to it in the client docs.



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