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MiTeC System Information Component Suite 14.1.0 released

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New version 14.1.0 released


+ Trusted Platform Module detection added (TMiTeC_Machine.TPM)
* Windows Product Key decoding rewritten and fixed

+ Added Windows available updates detection (MicrosoftUpdateSession)(MSI_MUS.pas, TMiTeC_MUS)



 For more information about the library, download locations and documentation, see the MiTeC System Information Component Suite Home Page



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Posted (edited)

Is it possible to retrieve a notebooks serial number? Is it stored anywhere? Ok, I have found it.

Btw. the compiled demos on your homepage are detected by chrome (or windows?) as malicious (virus inside the zip).

It would be a good idea to sort it out as a host application could have the same problem if linked with this lib.

Edited by Attila Kovacs

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