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A.M. Hoornweg

Stop IDE from writing unit names all by itself ?

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Hello all,


I'm in the process of evaluating if it's feasible to port a very large project from Delphi XE to RIO.


Now I'm stumbling upon the situation that the RIO IDE automatically inserts unit names (such as "system.actions") into forms I'm editing. 


That's a colossal p.i.t.a. since I need to be able to edit and compile these forms in Delphi XE as well.  I thought I could simply wrap these new unit names inside an {$ifdef compilerversion...}, but Rio will still append the unit names at the end of the unit list and then complains about the duplicate unit names. How can I prevent that from happening? 

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Posted (edited)

May be it will be easier to define empty System.Actions unit for Delphi XE than to fight with Delphi RIO (put it in a directory, where XE will search, but RIO will not).

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