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  1. But TDirectory.GetFiles (System.IOUtils) internally uses FindFirst/FindNext too...
  2. Vandrovnik

    Can Rio and Sydney co-exist?

    When I had 10.2 and 10.3 on my PC and uninstalled 10.2 later, help in 10.3 stop working and must be reinstalled.
  3. Have you tried to use lower resolution and turn the light on?
  4. I have seen the same problem and have "solved" it this way: Kamera.Quality := FMX.Media.TVideoCaptureQuality.LowQuality; Kamera.Quality := FMX.Media.TVideoCaptureQuality.MediumQuality;
  5. Vandrovnik

    Detect Windows shutdown?

    The declaration must be outside of the form...
  6. Vandrovnik

    Detect Windows shutdown?

    Did you read, what Cristian Peța linked? function ShutdownBlockReasonCreate(hWnd: HWND; Reason: LPCWSTR): Bool; stdcall; external user32; function ShutdownBlockReasonDestroy(hWnd: HWND): Bool; stdcall; external user32;
  7. I believe Anders is right. Class reference is just a pointer - its size is known. When you use this class as a member of another class (fChild: tChild, where tChild is a class), you cannot reference its members in properties (property x: integer read fChild.x). If fChild is a record (fChild: tChild, where tChild is a record), you can reference its members in properties, like in Anders' example (property x: integer read fChild.x).
  8. If size was the only problem, I can imagine something like this ("human preprocessor"): type tRecordA = record of size 8; tRecordB = record ... function Test: tRecordA; end; tRecordA = record x, y: integer; end;
  9. Something like a record helper 🙂 I always wonder why there can be just one class/record helper...
  10. Vandrovnik

    Delphi Rio IDE hangs again and again

    Or NativeInt(pointer(... or NativeUInt(pointer(... Just when I see this typecasting pointer to integer, I can't help thinking that 64 bit IDE is far away 🙂
  11. Vandrovnik

    Delphi Rio IDE hangs again and again

    64 bit IDE would probably require all design time packages to be 64 bit, too... I was surprised to see typecast "integer(pointer(..." in https://blog.marcocantu.com/blog/2020-may-custom-managed-records.html ...
  12. Vandrovnik

    Function with just underscore _() seems to be valid

    With this info in mind, for bad customers you can start programming like that: const _ = 1; _____ = 2; x = _____ + (_-_-_) + 0 + _+0-0+_ ;
  13. Vandrovnik

    Parallel for 32 vrs 64bits

    May be https://github.com/neslib/FastMath and/or http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Rio/en/Floating_point_precision_control_(Delphi_for_x64) can help.
  14. tDictionary alone will not allow you to store more values for the same key (it seems you need it: "I get all values of (TKey1 = 1) for the data. "). You could use two dictionaries: tDictionary<tKey1, tObjectList> tDictionary<tKey2, tObjectList> In these object lists, there will be all objects with corresponding values of the tKey1, resp. tKey2.
  15. Vandrovnik

    Delphi Closedown Error

    It happens to me +- once every two weeks, too.