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  1. Vandrovnik

    Macro recording problem

    AutoHotkey should be free.
  2. Vandrovnik

    Delphi Code-Insight problems

    For free? Oh no, I am paying for it! 🙂
  3. Vandrovnik

    SQL Update

    May be instead of SELECT SUM(IM.TRS)TRS, SUM(IM.INCOME)INCOME, SUM(IM.OUTGO)OUTGO should be just SELECT SUM(IM.TRS), SUM(IM.INCOME), SUM(IM.OUTGO) ? The JOIN - I alway specify what kind of join I want, such as LEFT OUTER JOIN, because I am never sure, what is the default 🙂
  4. Vandrovnik

    Speed of Graphics32

    I did not suggest OpenGL, I just wrote that it works fine for raster graphics ("It's for a mapping project so it involves tiling, overlaying grids and bitmaps.").
  5. Vandrovnik

    Speed of Graphics32

    In OpenGL, he can work with raster graphics really fast and easy - he just loads them as textures. But writing text and printing will not be so easy, if they are needed.
  6. Vandrovnik

    InterBase or Firebird?

    Well, it was not a clean work... I am using IBX components. I took IBX.IBIntf.pas, created AndroidIBIntf.pas from it. From TIBServerLibrary I have created my TAndroidIBServerLibrary and made a few modifications: In .LoadIBLibrary, I copy Firebird's files from IncludeTrailingPathDelimiter(tPath.GetDocumentsPath)+FbDynClientAssetsDirectory to IncludeTrailingPathDelimiter(tPath.GetHomePath)+FbDynClientRunDirectory, because I did not manage it to work from original path. In initialization, I set environment variables FIREBIRD_TMP and FIREBIRD_LOCK to a folder inside of tPath.GetTempPath In .LibraryName, I return path to libfbclient.so
  7. Vandrovnik

    InterBase or Firebird?

    Firebird for Android - it works (embedded), but there is no 64bit version for Android at this moment. When you publish your app in Google Play, you need 64bit version too...
  8. Vandrovnik

    Multiple two UInt64 modulo

    But when divisor is 64bit, he has to use the "128 bits divide by 64 bits", because, as far as I know, there is no instruction for "64 bits divide by 64 bits", or is there?
  9. Vandrovnik

    Multiple two UInt64 modulo

    Why not? I thought RDX:RAX are used: Unsigned divide RDX:RAX by r/m64, with result stored in RAX ← Quotient, RDX ← Remainder.
  10. Vandrovnik

    Outdated Delphi Roadmap

    Oh, please nothing special, just make 10.4.x usable first.
  11. Does it happen when you uninstall IDE Fix Pack? If no, you may need to disable more modules of IDE Fix Pack, in my case this one was enough.
  12. Vandrovnik

    Organizing enums

    You can use: type tTestEnum = (None=0, One=1, Eight=8);
  13. Vandrovnik

    Organizing enums

    Exactly - my most stupid and most difficult to find mistakes in OpenGL came from using wrong constant (with similar name to the correct one).
  14. I had to disable one of the modules in IDE Fix Pack. In system-wide environment variables, I have created new entry named IDEFixPack.DisabledPatches. Value is: Compiler.KibitzIgnoreErrors After IDE restart, I have not seen this problem anymore.
  15. Do you use IDE Fix Pack? On my PC, it was causing this trouble.