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  1. In the past, I was also happy with one version for many years, but once you use Delphi to create an application for Android and you want to keep this application up to date in Google Play, you probably need this yearly new bells - without it, Google Play will not allow you to upload updates for older API.
  2. They probably don't return money. In February 2019, when I complained loudly about bugs in Delphi 10.3 and 10.3.1, I got a small discount for next subscription, which I bought later in 2019.
  3. I guess they do not have any free resources to backport changes to older versions. In that situation, I prefer current situation - use resources to patch and improve just the current version and don't split resources over two or more versions.
  4. Vandrovnik

    Bookmarks in Delphi 11 Alexandria

    In classic keymapping: Ctrl + K, <number> - set bookmark Ctrl + Q, <number> - go to bookmark For me it works only with numbers on the main part of keyboard and it does not work on numeric part of the keyboard.
  5. Vandrovnik

    D11 - A bridge too far.. :-(

    Are there more problems than in D10.4.2?
  6. Vandrovnik

    Compile for WIN32 and WIN64 at same click

    There is a possibility to build from command line: https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Building_a_Project_Using_an_MSBuild_Command
  7. string[20] is, AFAIK, ansi string (= expect problems...).
  8. No, it was Windows problem (affecting Kyocera and a few others). https://www.windowslatest.com/2021/03/10/windows-10-kb5000802-march-update-is-crashing-pcs-with-bsod/ https://www.kyoceradocumentsolutions.com/asia/en/about-us/press/20210317_news.html
  9. In fact, these unsupported machines created no problem this year, while supported Windows 10 created a few of problems, one of them really serious (after one actualization, printing to Kyocera printers resulted in BSOD).
  10. Vandrovnik

    D11 Startup problem

    Migration Tool copied registry entries from D 10.4.2 to D 11? There is a button "Version upgrade" in Migration Tool during restore, which must be clicked (or manually disable "some" items in the list).
  11. From my point of view, compatibility with old versions of Windows is one of important benefits of applications written in Delphi. If they broke this compatibility just because of GetTickCount64, they are throwing this benefit away needlessly.
  12. Thank you! Emba could do the same...
  13. Vandrovnik

    RAD Studio 11 Alexandria is now available

    Now they support Android 8.1 or newer. For our customers it is a problem (some have barcode scanners with Android 6). Is it possible to create new vesrions of the app in Delphi 11, or I have to keep 10.4.2? Or do apps from Delphi 11 still run fine on Android 6 and they just do not test it?
  14. I just copies it from https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-10506 I suppose it was created in 2015, but I would believe in 2011, too 🙂
  15. This one was created on 11/Mar/15 🙂