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  1. Vandrovnik

    Delphi 10.4 IDE - F12 Editor/Designer toggle

    If you put here .pas and .dfm file, I can try it on my PC and let you know (10.3.3 and patched 10.4.0).
  2. Vandrovnik

    Are we just "Cash Cows"?

    I am very glad that Delphi allows me to develop for Android (while being able to test the app on Windows, too). I was just surprised how many problems FMX still has when I started to use it...
  3. Vandrovnik

    Restore Delphi File Associations?

    I had reported it in version 10.3.1, but problem was closed as "cannot reproduce" https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-23904 I think Tools, Manage Platforms was the way.
  4. Vandrovnik

    Is quality.embarcadero.com down?

    Looks OK now.
  5. Vandrovnik

    Running Tokyo 10.2.3 dcc32 from the command line

    Can you instead of .dpr compile .dproj? Something like this: call "C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\bin\rsvars.bat" set Hlavni=C:\Delphi\Plantis set Pomocna=R:\Plantis "%FrameworkDir%\msbuild.exe" "%Hlavni%\Plantis.dproj" /target:build /p:DCC_BuildAllUnits=true /p:"Config=Release" /p:"Platform=Win32" /p:"DCC_DcuOutput=%Pomocna%\DCU" /l:FileLogger,Microsoft.Build.Engine;logfile="%Pomocna%\Logs.Win32.Release.MSBuildLog.txt"
  6. Vandrovnik

    Export to PDF speed

    Just to be sure, have you tried without the picture? Is there 1 picture for the report, or 1 picture for each record?
  7. Vandrovnik

    Patch 2 for RAD Studio 10.4 now available

    Classic undocked still unusable... How much time would it need to allow users to manually increase the height of the main window, so that icons are not hidden - 30 second? Or 60 with testing?
  8. Vandrovnik

    FastReport 5 vs 6: PDF export

    They have changed bitmap exports, in my opinion it scales bitmap up when not necessary, which takes time and memory (and sometimes results in Out of memory). I had a discussion and tested export ot bitmap (height = 3508) with following results: - PrintOptimized=true, PictureDPI=300 --- Out of memory, TempBitmap.Height=10528 px - PrintOptimized=false, PictureDPI=300 --- works, TempBitmap.Height=3509 px - OLD_STYLE --- works, TempBitmap.Height=3508 px
  9. Vandrovnik

    Search for Usages not usable

    I have voted... And I am curious whether it will be fixed before the report is 5 years old 🙂
  10. Vandrovnik

    Search for Usages not usable

    I have not, because no result list was displayed, just cursor indicating that I should wait... After 3 minutes I killed it.
  11. Vandrovnik

    Search for Usages not usable

    I have just tried Search for Usages in 10.3.3 --> IDE frozen, Ctrl+Alt+Del 🙂
  12. In 10.3.3, it is better, usually rename finds all places, but sometimes it does not and finds for example just 10 of 30.
  13. Vandrovnik

    Converting project from Delphi 2006 to Delphi 10.2

    If you switch to DeviceCapabilities (which is DeviceCapabilitiesW), take care about memory allocation. 64 bytes is wrong, you will need 64 * SizeOf(Char).
  14. Vandrovnik

    Typed constants in Delphi.

    From my point of view, typed constants are just initialized variables, not true constants. (Even when I do not change their values in runtime.) When used in code, regular (untyped) constants may produce faster code: const XTyped : integer = 3; xUntyped = 3; var a: integer; begin a:=5*XTyped; if a>20 then exit; a:=5*XUntyped; if a>20 then exit;
  15. Vandrovnik

    Strange behavior for literals

    I have asked, what you think is a bug. You have answered and I wrote you, how compiler probably decides the value and that I do not see a bug there. When you want to decide, whether Delphi is wrong with something, first you need a specifiaction saying, what is right. Then you can compare actual result with it. And do testing with current version of Delphi, because even if you find an error in old version, it will probably never be fixed.