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  1. Vandrovnik

    Outdated Delphi Roadmap

    Oh, please nothing special, just make 10.4.x usable first.
  2. Does it happen when you uninstall IDE Fix Pack? If no, you may need to disable more modules of IDE Fix Pack, in my case this one was enough.
  3. Vandrovnik

    Organizing enums

    You can use: type tTestEnum = (None=0, One=1, Eight=8);
  4. Vandrovnik

    Organizing enums

    Exactly - my most stupid and most difficult to find mistakes in OpenGL came from using wrong constant (with similar name to the correct one).
  5. I had to disable one of the modules in IDE Fix Pack. In system-wide environment variables, I have created new entry named IDEFixPack.DisabledPatches. Value is: Compiler.KibitzIgnoreErrors After IDE restart, I have not seen this problem anymore.
  6. Do you use IDE Fix Pack? On my PC, it was causing this trouble.
  7. Vandrovnik

    Organizing enums

    No; problem is, that in the example above there is type "CommandType" and property "CommandType", so CommandType.NA is trying to reference property CommandType, which does not have member called NA.
  8. Vandrovnik

    Organizing enums

    What about scoped enums? http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Scoped_Enums_(Delphi)
  9. This code is a problem when used in 64-bit version...
  10. Could you just allocate some memory (1-2 GB, probably in smaller chunks), so that other allocations have to be from the top part?
  11. Vandrovnik

    Simple inlined function question

    Directive inline existed already in Borland Pascal.
  12. Vandrovnik

    Migration from BDE paradox to TFDtable or other options

    I do not use tIBTable at all, so I do not mind. I use mostly tIBDataSet, tIBQuery, tIBSql... tIBDataSet has property UniDirectional, which disables storing visited records in memory.
  13. Vandrovnik

    Migration from BDE paradox to TFDtable or other options

    IBX components also have a tIBTable. I did this migration in one-step (Paradox -> tIBDataSet/tIBQuery).
  14. Vandrovnik

    Any Known Issues with ZCompressStream?

    I still believe that decompressor with wrong input should not enter an endless loop. If you have 2 bytes checksum, you still have a 1 : 65536 probability, that it will not detect wrong input. With 4 bytes checksum, it is 1 : 256^4, much better, but still not 100 % safe.
  15. Vandrovnik

    Any Known Issues with ZCompressStream?

    I think decompressor should somehow handle wrong data too (raise an exception, for example). I have used "ZDecompressStream" and on wrong data, it stays in endless loop (tested on Android 32 bit). I have not tested whether it happens with all wrong data, or if I just was lucky and tested it with something special...