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  1. Vandrovnik

    When will we have a 64-bit IDE version ?

    EPNGOutMemory - may be the reasons is just in the number of simultaneously opened forms (which contains big images)? In that case, 64-bit IDE would solve the problem. I keep open just a few forms and datamodules, may be that is the reason why I have never encountered this problem.
  2. Vandrovnik

    Migrate an old app in Delphi 2009 to modren C++

    So old bugs will be converted to C++ and new bugs will appear from the conversion itself 🙂
  3. Vandrovnik

    When will we have a 64-bit IDE version ?

    At least 128-bit IDE 😉
  4. Vandrovnik

    When will we have a 64-bit IDE version ?

    Just curious - please could you post a screen shot of the error message, when you encounter low memory in the IDE?
  5. Vandrovnik

    String literals more then 255 chars

    Multiline strings!
  6. I wonder what is the reason that we have so different user experience with IDE. Maybe third party components? Some IDE wizards/experts? Or you are using a part of Delphi language, which I do not use, such as types defined inside a class, inline variables etc.? For debugging, I compile to 32bit, because 64bit debugger was very slow and I do not check with each new IDE version, whether it is already better.
  7. For me, code completition works almost always fine in Delphi 11.3.1 Pro. Project size is over 1 000 000 lines of code.
  8. Vandrovnik

    What makes code not to compile

    It probably treats that section as published then: The compiler treats a published section like public unless RTTI is enabled with the $M or $TypeInfo compiler directives, or if the class inherits from a class with RTTI enabled. TPersistent in Delphi’s Classes unit enables published RTTI, so all persistent classes (including all components, controls, and forms) have RTTI. The initial, unnamed section is published for classes with RTTI.
  9. Vandrovnik

    What makes code not to compile

    What error message do you get?
  10. But it does not change internal layout, does it? Just the address of code, data and stack segments is randomized.
  11. Why? Can this be a problem for a correctly written application?
  12. Eh, sorry, I have seen UInt16 in parameter definition and did not notice that temporary variable is Int16, without the "U"...
  13. For input = 0, I would expect the problem already here: Dec(TempInt, 2048);
  14. Vandrovnik

    Loop a Delay in a thread??

    That will loop the code (x+1) times 🙂