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Delphinus: Opensource Packagemanager for XE and up

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Some might already know Delphinus. But for those who don't i thought i make a little introduction post, to have a thread for discussion, as I never made one for the international Delphi-Praxis. Questions are always welcome.


Delphinus is an opensource Packagemanager for Delphi, which I started in 2015. It has support for Delphi XE and newer.


In addition to an IDE integration for package-management, Delphinus comes with a commandline, too. This has the benefit of having a single interface for managing multiple IDEs or run setup-scripts automatically.


Currently, packages are provided through Github by preparing a repo to appear in a special Github-Query Delphinus uses to detect packages (See wiki link below).

For optimal use, you should add a OAuth-Token to the Delphinus-Config(See wiki link below). Otherwhise you'll hit rate-limits.

Offline installation from a folder is provided through the IDE-UI(Folder Symbol). Adding support for creating local folder based repositories for mirroing is planned.

Delphinus packages have support for:

  • Copying (source) files
  • Compiling and (if Designtime) installing BPLs
  • Compiling and installing IDE-Experts
  • setting up Search/Browsing path
  • Dependencies to other Delphinus-Packages

Optionally, BPLs and Experts may be included as precompiled binary, if your project is closed source.
Packages are installed per IDE. I'm working on per project installations.

GithubRepository of Delphinus:



My Blog were I (in addition to ther Delphiprojects) post updates about Delphinus:

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