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Calculated field

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I'am evaluating RemObjects Data Abstract and trying to get calculated field to show values at grid components column but it stays empty.


I have in table's OnCalcField event this code:


procedure TClientDataModule.tbl_tasksCalcFields(DataTable: TDADataTable);
  if DataTable.FieldByName('done').AsInteger = 1 then
      DataTable.FieldByName('isDone').AsWideString := 'Open';
    end else
      DataTable.FieldByName('isDone').AsWideString := 'Done';

Also set field calculated property to true.


I tested code above if it's gets executed adding there ShowMessage('Test') and it gets executed.


Haven't been using Delphi 15 years and don't member if there's something that i'am missing in properties etc.....


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