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Migration DbExpress to Firedac , better way ?

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I have an application that uses DBExpress, Query, Provider and ClientDataset.

I will migrate to Firedac, currently all query and provider are in the DataModule and in form only the ClientDataSet and DataSet.

What is the best scenario, advantages and disadvantages :

1 - Leave the Query in the DataModule and in the Form only the DataSet.
2 - Place Query on Form and use DataModule only for Global Objects.


Has anyone used the refind for conversion?



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I've used refind to mostly convert an application from BDE to FireDAC.  We still also have some modules using DBExpress which remains to be done.  I was planning on adapting some of the BDE scripts for this purpose.  I have been toying with writing a blog post or something to document some of the lessons learnt.  If I find some time I'll have a little look at our DBX modules and whether I can get something going quickly and post so advice for you here.    One thing I would say is that I would not advise you to change the structure/architecture of your application when you do this translation.  Purely stick the changing the classes over and making any adjustments necessary as a consequence.  You can always change/refactor the structure later if you want to.  

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