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Chester Wilson

GDB server problems in 10.4

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Just put Delphi 10.4 up.  Impressed so far, but one problem:

Whatever value I put into Run / Parameters / -debugport <nnnnn>

on trying to run, it instals the programme fine, the programme works,

but there is no debugging.  On closing the compile window, the error

message "Unable to start GDBserver on port nnnnn.  Port is already in use.".

I have restarted the system a few times, with no change in the error message.

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Addendum: I have restarted the computer and the phone many times.  I uninstalled Delphi 10.4 in case something had fouled up, and uninstalled Delphi 10.3.3 in the hope that I could continue on 10.4.

Then reinstalled 10.4.  6 hours work, and it does exactly the same!  I now have no operating version of Delphi/FMX at all!  Waaaaahhhh!  And the change from zero based strings to one based strings has broken many projects and many lines of code.  I am not happy!  HELP!

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