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Uwe Raabe

Project Magician and Selective Debugging and Delphi 10.3 Rio

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Hello Uwe,


I have just installed Project Magician, 1.0.14 for Rad Studio Rio and cannot find where to configure it.

It does not appear under Options -> Third Party.  Rad Studio was closed at the time of installation.

Project Magician is shown as a known package.


Any ideas ?




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7 hours ago, Sue King said:

Any ideas ?

Nothing specific.

Does it show in the Info - About dialog under Installed Products?

Does the Project Magician menu item exist under the Project menu?

BTW, the latter will also give you access to the Global settings.



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It does not appear in either place.

It is Add/Remove programs under Windows, but the IDE doesn't know a thing about it.

It also doesn't appear in the GExperts Expert Manager.  I'm not sure if it should.


I've just had to re-install Rad Studio as the web installer didn't add platforms properly.  This was an ISO install.  I tried to install it before re-installing from the ISO and it didn't appear then either.  I just thought it was something weird in the web setup.  It appears to be something weird in my setup.


I was hoping to use it to add Platforms to projects that have been upgraded from Berlin.  I guess I'm just going to have to recreate the projects.


Thanks anyway.

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