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Looking for remote Delphi work

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My name is Chee-Wee. I'm a Delphi MVP and known to most as chuacw or Chewy. I've been a Delphi user since 1995.


I'm looking for remote work on Delphi.

I use English natively.


I was previously a Borland employee, working at the Tech Support department in Singapore, between 2005-2008.

I've also delivered demos and fixes in the Delphi product itself.


On and off, I've been writing a blog with most postings in Delphi at https://chuacw.ath.cx/blogs/chuacw/default.aspx amongst other technical writings.

My Github is at: https://github.com/chuacw


Feel free to reach out.


Thank you.

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