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Button order on Members Filter toolbar...

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MMX 15.0.15 / Delphi 10.4

No matter what order I customize the buttons on the Members Filter toolbar, when I change between different Delphi units, the buttons re-order themselves in some random fashion. Some of the buttons that I have chosen disappear altogether, and others that I don't want to use appear in their place.  Yet, when I right-click and choose customize, the wizard shows my preferred set usually in their correct position. Pressing OK temporally sorts out their order on the toolbar.


Note the R, R, D, ... these are not part of my customization.




The ones in the Wizard are correct



Also, the visibility options (default, private, etc) are much more stable than the Fields, Methods, ... ones.

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Actually, I trying different combinations, I managed to get rid of the Members Filter bar altogether, even though it is ticked as visible.


The Registry settings for the Members Filter bar are:


Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Raabe Software\MMX\15.0\Toolbars







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Thanks for the report. Added to the bug tracker.

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