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Comprehensive and Structured Overview of VCL PANEL controls with special features acting on their content

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This is a work in progress. So I ask the moderators to keep this first posting in the topic editable so it can be updated as information is coming in.


There is a number of modern VCL PANEL controls with special features acting on their content. AFAIK there is no existing comprehensive and structured overview of such panels, so I am planning to create one.


Among such panels:


Native Controls:

    • TCardPanel

    • TStackPanel

    • TFlowPanel

    • TGridPanel

    • TRelativePanel

    • TTitleBarPanel

Third-Party Controls

    • TRzGridPanel

    • TRzFlowPanel


Please feel free to add items to this list according to the above definition: VCL Panel controls with special features acting on their content.

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