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  1. PeterPanettone

    Strategies for minimizing app start time

    Although that is a good idea, I am unsure whether this could be categorized as a "strategy."
  2. I call the time the user has to wait from double-clicking the app program file until the app window becomes visible AND usable the "App Start Time" (AST). If I want to minimize AST, there are different strategies: 1. Instantiate secondary forms dynamically at run-time and not before the user needs that form. The time needed for such dynamic instantiation during the app's run-time usually is neglectable. 2. During AST, show the user a funny animated splash-screen to entertain him, so he becomes unaware of the passing time. Does anybody know of other such strategies?
  3. PeterPanettone

    Hot Reload in Delphi?

    Hot Reload is a feature in the upcoming .NET 6 that allows developers to modify source code while an app is running and immediately see the results: Microsoft reverses controversial .NET change after open-source community outcry Just pipe-dreaming: Wouldn't that be a wonderful feature for Delphi?
  4. Parnassus Bookmarks are still not available for Delphi 11 Alexandria. So the old-style Bookmarks have to be used: 1. Bookmarks provided by the IDE in the View menu: 2. CnWizards: 3. GExperts: Are there any other solutions?
  5. PeterPanettone

    How to install TWM Delphi Help Expert in Delphi 11 Alexandria

    The text size in the configuration dialog is very small on my VeryHighResolution monitor, so I changed the layout manually from StoneAge®to make it look a little bit more like 21stCentury®: If somebody wants to use this layout, here is it: w_Delphi7HelpForBds.zip
  6. Thomas has engineered a helpful Delphi Help Expert that allows you to configure various options for different F1 key-combinations: https://blog.dummzeuch.de/delphi-help-expert/ But since there is no package for Delphi 11 Alexandria yet, I instead loaded the DelphiXx103 package in Delphi 11 Alexandria. And since this package is not configured for Delphi 11 Alexandria, I had to add this compiler configuration in \src\u_dzWelcomePageHandler.pas: {$IFDEF VER350} // Delphi/RAD Studio 11.0 Alexandria MajorVersionNumberChar = '28'; {$ENDIF VER350} After this, the package can be installed in Delphi 11 Alexandria. The configuration dialog is somewhat hidden in this submenu: https://i.imgur.com/o8OEIbA.png
  7. PeterPanettone

    Expert and Package Manager for Multiple RAD Studio IDEs

    It is not possible neither desirable to look inside GExperts configuration from outside. But if you mean the standalone GExperts Expert Manager, Dave's Expert and Package Manager shows the same information as the standalone GExperts Expert Manager.
  8. PeterPanettone

    Persistent GrepSearch Results?

    I understand. Good luck. I wish everyone good luck. These are difficult times.
  9. PeterPanettone

    Persistent GrepSearch Results?

    I assume you know whether Persistent Search Results is a feature of GExperts or not. So why are you asking ME?
  10. PeterPanettone

    Persistent GrepSearch Results?

    I need the GExperts GrepSearch Results to be persistent between IDE sessions. Unfortunately, they are not (r3592). These are the GrepSearch Options: How to make the GExperts GrepSearch Results persistent between IDE sessions?
  11. PeterPanettone

    Access violations when closing the IDE

    Currently, I am using r3592 in Delphi 11. No AV when closing the IDE (some previous versions did). However, I get an AV with CnWizards when closing the IDE. What could be the cause?
  12. This is a universal Expert and Package Manager for Multiple RAD Studio IDEs (works even with Delphi 11 Alexandria): https://www.davidghoyle.co.uk/WordPress/?page_id=1361 Dave is an Embarcadero MVP and has several other useful tools for Delphi developers on his site.
  13. PeterPanettone

    New Type ambiguity in Delphi 11?

    Maybe that is an optimistic expression. As the main unit became larger and larger in Delphi 10.4.2 (16,500 lines), strange effects appeared: For example, when adding a new control to the main form (in Delphi 10.4.2), the control's field name was added in the wrong place by Delphi, so I had to move the control's field name manually to the correct place.
  14. Today I have loaded a large project written in Delphi 10.4.2, for the first time in Delphi 11 Alexandria. The project had been grown and compiled in Delphi 10.4.2 without problems. So I was very surprised to see 90+ errors in the main unit in Delphi 11. Looking at the errors, they were mostly type-mismatches in method parameters like TShiftState or TMouseButton. First I started to add explicit scope prefixes to the parameters. But that seemed to be lengthy work, so I suddenly had an idea: I moved System.UITypes from the start of the uses clause to the end of the uses clause. That action resolved the problem and all errors disappeared! So why this worked in Delphi 10.4.2, and works in Delphi 11 only after moving System.UITypes to the end of the uses clause?
  15. PeterPanettone

    Where is the Welcomepage directory in Delphi 11 Alexandria?

    Did you also have REDRAW failures, i.e. the IDE window not being redrawn?