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Table Update Freezing

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I'm trying to do a MSSQL UPDATE on a table, but when I run this command the application freezes:

fdc.ExecSQL('UPDATE tPGCMatches SET Completed = :pC, Result = :pR, Score = :pSc WHERE ID = :pM',[ 1, cResult, cScore, gviMatchID ]);

fdc is the Firedac Connection to the MSSQL Server.

This also happens if I do a Edit/Post on the table, instead.


It feels like the table is locked and the command is waiting for access, but I'm 100% certain nothing else is using the table.


Just wondering if there is some FireDAC parameter set somewhere for this table that is preventing access. Any thoughts would be welcome.

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I've put at Start Transaction, TRY .... Commit structure around this single MSSQL Update statement and it runs OK now. I don't normally use transaction structures unless I have more than one SQL statement happening in a process, but, well, this solves the problem, without knowing why.

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