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TChart problems setting min/max of a 2nd righthand vertical axis

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I'm using the TChart wich comes with 10.3.3 out of the box.

I managed to add a 2nd right hand vertical axis via the TChart design editor, but I can neither there nor in code set min and max,

at least they will always be ignored and min will always be 0 and max 64000 or 65535.


I need -4090 and +4095 as min and max.

Here is the variant where I tried to change them in code:

ChartCurrentValues.Axes.Right.SubAxes[0].AutomaticMaximum := false;
ChartCurrentValues.Axes.Right.SubAxes[0].AutomaticMinimum := false;
ChartCurrentValues.Axes.Right.SubAxes[0].Automatic := false;
ChartCurrentValues.Axes.Right.SubAxes[0].SetMinMax(-4096, 4096);
ChartCurrentValues.Series[cMySeries1].CustomVertAxis := ChartCurrentValues.Axes.Right.SubAxes[0];
ChartCurrentValues.Series[cMySeries2].CustomVertAxis := ChartCurrentValues.Axes.Right.SubAxes[0]; 


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