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Stéphane Wierzbicki

CEF4DELPHI - How to get permisions to use Webcam and Microphone ?

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I'm playing with CEF4DELPHI and I'm not able to get access to my Webcam nor to my microphone (test on 'https://webcamtoy.com' ).



  GlobalCEFApp                          := TCefApplication.Create;
  GlobalCEFApp.MultiThreadedMessageLoop := False;
  GlobalCEFApp.ExternalMessagePump      := False;
  GlobalCEFApp.EnableMediaStream := True;
  GlobalCEFApp.EnableSpeechInput := true;
  GlobalCEFApp.EnableGPU := true;
  GlobalCEFApp.UseFakeUIForMediaStream := true;
  GlobalCEFApp.OnContextInitialized     := GlobalCEFApp_OnContextInitialized;


Has anyone a clue on how to solves this ? I need maybe to add the URL to a trustee web site list ?




Ps: tried to ask this question on CEF4DELPHI but I'm not able to register !


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I added GlobalCEFApp.EnableMediaStream := True; to the DPR file of the SimpleBrowser2 demo and I could see the video from my cheap webcam in webcamtoy.com


About the registration issue, send me a PM with your username and I'll activate it manually.

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Posted (edited)

After reading your code again I see that you're disabling the GlobalCEFApp.MultiThreadedMessageLoop property.


It's recommended that Windows applications keep GlobalCEFApp.MultiThreadedMessageLoop enabled.

Only in some cases you can consider disabling it but then you should use a "External Message Pump".

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, salvadordf said:

About the registration issue, send me a PM with your username and I'll activate it manually.

Hi Salvador,


Thank you for your help but I received my confirmation email a couple of hours later and was able to confirm my account 🙂


What I'm basically trying to achieve is to create a client that will directly connect to spaces.avayacloud.com.


I'm still not able to get my webcam and microphone detected. 


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Check these points :

  • Assuming you use Windows 10, check if you can make that camera work with the "Camera" app.
  • Install Chrome or Chromium 84. Ideally you should try to install 84.0.4147.89 and make the camera tests with the latest CEF4Delphi version from GitHub. Test your camera with Chrome/Chromium on webcamtoy.com.
  • Open the SimpleBrowser2 demo and add GlobalCEFApp.EnableMediaStream := True; before the GlobalCEFApp.StartMainProcess call in the DPR file. Connect your camera, build the demo and test it in webcamtoy.com

If your camera works on a similar Chrome version then it should work with the SimpleBrowser2 demo or any other CEF application.

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