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Dave Craggs


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Looking at logging to a text file.


Saw this article in Stack Overflow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41301921/how-to-log-in-dunitx?rq=1


It has a reference to TDUnitXTextFileLogger


This seems to be incomplete. In the installed version of DUNITX that comes with Delphi,  the constructor is blank and the FFilename field is commented out.


Looking at the latest in git the constructor is:

constructor TDUnitXTextFileLogger.Create(const AFileName : string; const overwrite : boolean);
  raise ENotImplemented.Create('Not Implemented');

How is text logging done? 


I want to produce reports for users showing what tests have been done in a readable form.


Dave Craggs


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I guess I just stubbed that out as an idea back in 2010 and never got around to implementing it (amazing it's taken 10 years for someone to notice!).  


Since you want to show these reports to your users, you should probably create your own implementation anyway, that way you can include just the info they need to see. 


Please add an issue on the github repo for this so I have at least some way of remembering it, when time permits I'll add a default implementation.

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