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Ralf Junker

CodeFormatter removes indentation from within comment

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Sometimes, the CodeFormatter removes paragraph indentation from within a comment if the IndentComments option is enabled.

The test case below demonstrates the problem. The formatter removes indentation from the 2nd paragraph. I can reproduce this with the formatter dunit tests and the FormatterSettings-Borland.ini setting, which has IndentComments enabled.

unit testfile_CommentIndent;


{ 1st paragraph.

  2nd paragraph should stay indented. }  
procedure p1;



IMO, the formatter should not change the comment, and older GExperts did not do so. However, recent GExperts compiled from SVN show the new behavior. It might have been introduced in SVN 3083, which fixed wrong comment indentation before procedures. I welcome the fix in that it no longer adds indentation to entire comments before procedures, but I believe it should leave indentation within the comment itself unchanged.

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Please file a bug report on sourceforge if you have not already done so.

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