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Mike Torrettinni

Adding 'Show All topics' to see all topics in selected forum

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Right now there are only 25 topics per page, displayed in forums. Is it possible to add 'Show all topics' or perhaps options to show 100, 200... topics per 1 page?

The forum is becoming really useful resource, but it's quite annoying to have to go page by page back to find older topics.


I'm referring to this navigation on top of each forum:


Show All or Show 100/200/500... per page would be very useful.

If Show all is possible, I don't mind waiting to load.


I appreciate even considering this request. Thanks!

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Please replace the FavIco with something more useful than 192x192 pixel, also that FavIco is getting fatter as i remember it around 35x kb, now it is 367kb, also it does have wrong MimeType, which should be "image/x-icon" instead of "image/vnd.microsoft.icon"

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Posted (edited)

If at all possible, I would suggest similar thing to show all posts in a topic. Since some questions become discussions, after 2nd page is really hard to follow, but if all posts are open in single page, it's much easier to read and follow the discussion and different views on topic.

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I see this is not available. There are general Topics per page and Posts per page, but for the whole site, not per user or per topic. Shame.


The explanation for removing this option is 8 years old, but I guess still valid today: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/362706-number-of-posts-to-show-per-page-user-setting/?do=findComment&comment=2271715




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