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  1. Ok, this makes sense now. So in terms on warnings: they count number of reported lines since 1 warning is reported on 2 lines. Perhaps a rewording of what is reported on Compile window would be useful.
  2. I think we understood original post differently. He reported, questioned how errors are counted. I found similar issue in counting Warnings. Hints look to be OK. If reporting on these numbers is not useful, why is it there then?
  3. Well, nobody is suggesting joining the class action suit against Embarcadero for not counting correctly, is just counting, right? How could they mess this up?
  4. You are pretty vague here... big picture of what, what are you talking about?
  5. You don't read blogs? I like to, usually is condensed topic vs books.
  6. Since I prefer short blogs over books, I suggest googling: " is attention to detail useful?" and you will find many blogs and even books that might be helpful to you, in software development and also in life.
  7. You don't think it should report 1 Warnings if there is only1 Warning? Why it counts the same warning 2 times? Hints work correct, 1 Hint = 1 reported Hint.
  8. Looks like Warnings is off by 1 too - well it counts same Warning 2x: @c0d3r I guess you started the scrutiny of Compile window... looks even more broken, unfortunately I'm using Delphi 10.2.3, I hope newer versions have this improved.
  9. It's the same result in 10.2.3, not sure which version you have. I guess Delphi has it's own broken windows theory 😉
  10. Oh, maybe this should be for Google Translate.
  11. I guess this is the English counterpart: Chuck Norris doesn't read books, he just stares them down until they give him the information he needs. 😉 I think Mr. Triviality will show up now and send us all home for wasting his time. Perhaps he will tell us this twice! 🙂
  12. Mike Torrettinni

    Problem with clearing ADO Tables

    See similar question with accepted answer, perhaps it can help you: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/65821505/delphi-clearing-ado-tables
  13. Mike Torrettinni

    Customizing source editor

    Great, I think I will go to 10.5 when released, so will try then.
  14. Mike Torrettinni

    Customizing source editor

    I use 10.2, does newer version allow quick switching between themes, like a shortcut?
  15. Mike Torrettinni

    Customizing source editor

    Oh, ok. I thought you have all those different schemes set and use as needed.