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  1. Mike Torrettinni

    Simple debugger bug in 11.1

    Happy to report this is fixed in 12.0 debugger!
  2. Mike Torrettinni

    Delphi 11.3 : FORSAKEN

    I agree with your conclusions and as said above, it's been the same with small improvements for years, so I just accepted it. I use these 'tricks' on a daily basis and consider them as part of development workflow: - highlighting words fails when code is folded, so I unfold all the code in unit I work on - use Kill task to kill LSP multiple times a day (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/74164165/is-there-a-way-to-setup-a-shortcut-to-re-run-the-delphi-lsp-instances) - when IDE starts acting up (bookmarks behaving strangely, watch window shows odd values, debugger hangs or slows down...) - restart IDE - search will likely start with Whole words checked, so check the status of Whole words regularly - 64 bit debugger requires special attention, so handle with care and don't be impatient and probably some more that I can't remember right now...
  3. Mike Torrettinni

    Coming soon

    THtSQL* and TSQL* are your components?
  4. Mike Torrettinni

    Coming soon

    Looks good, and short description would be good, too. I'm trying to figure out if anything can be used for my projects or some of my clients. Is this SQL highlighting control? Will you have dedicated SQL stuff page on your website? I see the SQL framework pdf, but I'm trying to understand how HTML library, HTML editor, Office controls fit with SQL stuff.
  5. Mike Torrettinni

    Unit dependency viwer

    Nice! I showed this to another developer who is looking for simple drawing control that would do all this. Not for Delphi source dependencies, but custom relationship data and it would simplify his current very cumbersome drawing solution that achieves similar result - I helped with some small improvements, but I'm not expert in drawings. He is excited to try your control when this is implemented.
  6. Mike Torrettinni

    Unit dependency viwer

    Great! Any timeline? I don't have the library, yet, so I don't know how controllable the HTML control is, but will this be possible: - custom Context menu on selected unit? - select and add Context menu on dependency line? - select multiple units? and get info on all selected units? - control drawing objects, bg color, font, size? - control selection from code, not just mouse?
  7. Mike Torrettinni

    Unit dependency viwer

    Can you share what is the plan for this tool/feature? - Shareware? - or can users of HTML Component Library access source and implement the view in our projects? - or integrate into GExperts or MMX?
  8. Mike Torrettinni

    Unit dependency viwer

    A filtering option would be nice: hide/filter out System*, Vcl* dx*... units. Most of the time I don't need to see these dependencies.
  9. Mike Torrettinni

    Unit dependency viwer

    Thanks! Better version, but I still get error on not finding a .pas file and it seems it stops and doesn't show anything. Can you make it skip missing .pas files and make it work with what it can access? Some units only have compiled .dcu accessible, not pas files.
  10. Mike Torrettinni

    Unit dependency viwer

    So, this will not work with any projects that we have source code, but was not compiled with for current installed Delphi? Older projects, not migrated projects, open source projects from github that are downloaded but not compiled, yet (so Library path is not updated)...
  11. Mike Torrettinni

    Unit dependency viwer

    Video looks very promising! I get same or similar error messages as above, so let us know when you publish fix or perhaps change version number in original .rar file, so we know it's newer. Is it possible to make it work without dependency on Delphi installation? I don't have Delphi development started all the time, while source code is always accessible.
  12. Mike Torrettinni

    How many people use Delphi?

    In some way it would make sense that Delphi developer's salary would go up, due to lack of developers, but I guess lack of demand keeps it pretty low, compared to C#: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/Delphi-Programmer-Salary https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/C-Net-Developer-Salary
  13. Mike Torrettinni

    Delphi 11.3 is available now!

    Pretty annoying! I like word highlighting so I just unfolded all, for now.
  14. Mike Torrettinni

    Migrating projects from Delphi to .Net

    Interesting. I see they even went a little further and you can deploy your app without the need for making sure the OS has the right framework installed:
  15. Mike Torrettinni

    Migrating projects from Delphi to .Net

    The way remote work is changing the whole software employment opportunities, I'm realizing being an expert is becoming a niche and not a must. And since I'm not a Delphi expert, after 20+ years, I can freely let go an illusion that I can become one at some point, or that this is a prerequisite for a job. So, it seems one way to get to a good remote work salary opportunities, is to develop something and sell it. And as my projects are Windows apps, C# seemed like a natural step in the right direction.