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Randall Carpenter

cannot install Konopka VCL Controls from GetIt

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I installed (or rather I re-installed after uninstalling) Delphi 10.4.1.  Installation appeared to run smoothly.


Once Delphi was installed, inside the IDE I used GetIt to install the Konopka VCL Controls.  In the GetIt Package Manager List, this component package is listed as Bonus KSVC 6.2.3. 


When I click on the Install button the installation window appears and starts the process.  But it swiftly ends and I get a message in the installation window as follows:


Loading EULAS

   Cannot load data from the server. "RADStudio.json" metadata file does not exist. 

   Setup cannot continue due to a corrupted installation file.

A problem occurred during the process.



Can anyone please help me determine how to fix this problem?  Where is the RADStudio.json file supposed to be.  I've searched my hard drive and cannot locate it. 


Your help will be appreciated.  The Konopka VCL Controls are used extensively in my project.



Randall Carpenter




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