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  1. David Hoyle

    VCL Styles Flickering

    What version of RAD Studio/Delphi are you using?
  2. If people can decide on the grammar to be used I can translate what I've put into the repository.
  3. I can confirm that class variables and properties are not accessible in RS 11.2... Program ClassProppertyRTTI; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} {$R *.res} Uses System.SysUtils, System.Rtti; Type TMyClass = Class Strict Private FGoodbye: Integer; Strict Private Class Var FHello: String; Strict Protected Public Class Property Hello: String Read FHello; Property Goodbye : Integer Read FGoodbye; End; Var C: TMyClass; Ctx: TRTTIContext; F : TRTTIField; T: TRttiType; P: TRttiProperty; Begin Try C := TMyClass.Create; Try Ctx := TRTTIContext.Create(); T := Ctx.GetType(C.ClassInfo); For F IN T.GetFields Do WriteLn('Field: ', F.Name); For P In T.GetProperties Do WriteLn('Property: ', P.Name); Finally C.Free; End; ReadLn; Except On E: Exception Do WriteLn(E.ClassName, ': ', E.Message); End; End. It only outputs FGoodbye and Goodbye. I didn't actually know this restriction in the RTTI.
  4. David Hoyle

    No GExperts formatter on Windows 11 with elevated IDE

    Does the code formatter work if invoked manually using the menu system? If so, there is something in that environment capturing the keyboard shortcut before GExperts, it could even be something outside the IDE.
  5. I cannot remember (and I don't have RS available) but does the IDE's about dialogue not let you see what packages are loaded? The designide BPL may be being loaded regardless of a registry entry.
  6. Yes, if this is in RS11.2 BUT you should have an entry for designide280.bpl. Do you?
  7. It's an IDE design time package that is used by Open Tools API plugins. I do not believe there are any components in it.
  8. Have you tried debugging the component package using a second IDE to see where the AV is being raised - hopefully it will show you a call stack that might help you isolate the issue. Does an empty package with no component registration cause an AV? In your component code, do you utilise any INITAILIZATION/FINALIZATION sections in your units to create or destroy objects?
  9. It is unlikely you will be able to change this with the IDE running. What does it say in the register under Known Packages and Known IDE Packages (i.e. does it reference the 270 there)?
  10. David Hoyle

    Grep Results dialog..

    Isn't the grep results window not a first-class citizen of the IDE (dockable form) so it should be remember by the desktop layout (mine is).
  11. David Hoyle

    save probelm in ini file vcl with tlistbox

    Have you checked that the INI file exists with the value you have written?
  12. David Hoyle

    save probelm in ini file vcl with tlistbox

    In your saving code you use the EXE path and my.ini. In your restoration code you do not specify a path just the filename.
  13. David Hoyle

    save probelm in ini file vcl with tlistbox

    Besides fixing the INI naming issue are you making sure you are loading the file from the same folder?
  14. David Hoyle

    save probelm in ini file vcl with tlistbox

    The name of your INI files are different... save = my.ini and load = tabibi.ini.