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  1. David Hoyle

    Feature: ParentFont? Yes, but...

    Uwe, I have the same issue with one of my application. The app allows the user to adjust the main font by a few points (so old people like me can read the text) but the down side is as you describe: either loose style and colour changes or do extra work. So I would vote yes for some change to the style elements similar to below TStyleElements = set of (seFont, seFontName, seFontSize, seFontStyle, seFontColour, seClient, seBorder)
  2. David Hoyle

    Anything sensible for source code documentation?

    If there's an action in the IDE you could try and use GExperts to bind a keyboard shortcut.
  3. David Hoyle

    Problem reinstalling CodeSite 5

    Re: Circular reference, I don't think so. You are specifying a PATH variable for your account (user account), rather than the machine, so you are inheriting the path picked up by the IDE (from the shell) and then appending to it. Its just the same as starting a comment prompt and doing SET PATH=%PATH%;D:\Path\ to add a new temporary directory to the path.
  4. David Hoyle

    Problem reinstalling CodeSite 5

    I think you will need to add the installations Win32 directory to your path. I did this in the IDE (see below):
  5. David Hoyle

    Where do I declare a function inline ?

    I generally put these kind of functions in a record to group them and only put the inline directive in the interface however I do place a {$IFNDEF DEBUG} around the inline directive as I’ve found that I could not step through the methods while debugging. I know you need to keep the GExperts code backwards compatible so the record group is just a nice to have thing.
  6. David Hoyle

    How to close Messages window automatically

    Yes, should be, I just haven't got around to updating as I don't need to use it any more with large monitors. You will need to create a Rio project (copy and paste) update the the CompilerDefinitions.inc file with Rio compiler information.
  7. David Hoyle

    How to close Messages window automatically

    I'm not aware of an option to do this as I had to write an OTA plug-in to achieve this a number of years ago. Was this functionality part of a plug-in you haven't installed after rebuilding?
  8. David Hoyle

    GExperts and virus scanners

    Norton have reported back to me that this is a false positive and they will remove the detection from their signatures.
  9. David Hoyle

    GExperts and virus scanners

    Thomas, I've submitted a False Positive to Norton so hopefully that will help in a day or two.
  10. David Hoyle

    GExperts and virus scanners

    Thomas, After reading this (and installing GExperts yesterday) Norton decided to remove the setup programme from my backups (currently being written) a few minutes ago. Its a generic trojan signature from 2014 (see link below). Are you using an old installer, say an INNO Setup from a few years ago (not saying there is anything wrong with INNOSetup as I use it myself) as I've had issues with Norton and INNOSetups for my application in recent months and I've had to submit false positives to prevent the removals? https://www.symantec.com/security-center/writeup/2014-042811-4408-99?ssdcat=118&vid=42878&product=Norton+Internet+Security&version=
  11. Have you just updated from a previous version and "Kept" you registry settings? I've just done this on Sunday with the Web Installer and has a similar issue as the Web Installer uninstalled any packages it has downloaded (Navigator, Bookmarks, etc.). I had to use a clean registry (BDS.exe -rClean) to get GetIT to re-install the missing plug-ins / components.
  12. David Hoyle

    Modern C++ and Delphi

    In-line variables work in Delphi except for a few corner cases where you have to define the type as well as the assignment (think creating interfaced objects), its the IDE's Error Insight, Code Completion, etc that don't understand them and can make life difficult.
  13. David Hoyle

    IComparer Interface not being released

    Thank you @David Heffernan and @Dalija Prasnikar.
  14. David Hoyle

    IComparer Interface not being released

    Thank's Stefan. Originally I had the following... System.Generics.Collections.TArray.Sort<TXTColumnPosition>(Result, TXTColumnPositionComparer.Create); and that would release. I changed it while trying to find out why. I'll change it as you suggest (I should have noticed that) and see if it works.
  15. David Hoyle

    IComparer Interface not being released

    Ignore me, should have checked QP first: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-15797.