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  1. The named pipe sits in a thread and when triggered communicates with the main application thread through synchronisation. When the application is closing down, it sends a dummy pipe message which the thread handles and terminates.
  2. I use named pipes so that a starting second instance of my app can send the files and actions (from the command line) to the existing app.
  3. David Hoyle

    10.4.2 Keeps Crashing/Hanging

    Enabling Eurekalog to show the error can give you a call stack if you do not get one already. We might be able to see what is causing the issue.
  4. David Hoyle

    10.4.2 Keeps Crashing/Hanging

    Do you have a a plain Delphi installation or do you have any IDE Experts installed? You could try using the -rNewRegPoint command line to BDS.exe to see of any extra packages/DLL are causing this.
  5. David Hoyle

    Where is Ctrl-F3 coming from?

    I'm not on a Dev machine but there are 2 modules: 1) to show shortcuts and another 2) to change the IDE shortcuts - both I seem to remember have Keyboard in their names.
  6. David Hoyle

    Where is Ctrl-F3 coming from?

    Install GExperts and it can tell you what actions have that shortcut and you can also set those actions to not have a shortcut.
  7. David Hoyle

    Delphi and Peganza Expert causes access violation

    Then you will need to contact Peganza's support and let them know.
  8. David Hoyle

    How to compare performance between Delphi versions?

    What kind of issues did you have? BPLs for different version need to be in different directories if they do not have any kind of naming convention for Delphi IDE version. Some components will complain they cannot be found unless the folder they are in is on the path. Instead of adding to either your system path or user path; try modifying the path variable in the IDEs environment variables so that its isolated to that version of the IDE - this has worked for me in the past.
  9. David Hoyle

    Delphi and Peganza Expert causes access violation

    Have you download just the DLL or did you compile it from the source? Do you know if it is compatible with 10.4.2? Okay, Looking at the support page it only supports up to 10.3 not 10.4.
  10. David Hoyle

    How to compare performance between Delphi versions?

    You can install all major releases side by side, you just cannot do that with point releases. I have 2006 through to 10.4.2 all installed on this machine I'm typing on with no issues other than removing all the BDS related path data from the path (it's not needed in general).
  11. Which installer did you use: On-Line or Off-Line? Since both are based on Get It its BDS.exe that runs the installation process. Could you have an overzealous AV programme that's removing the bds.exe as its definitions are not up to date for the latest release?
  12. David Hoyle

    Need help finding the IDesigner

    No. What is the context under which you are trying to do what you are attempting. To do what I've described you need to write an Open Tools API BPL or DLL and add it to the IDE. This will then give you access to the designer once you have an IOTAModule reference to your form.
  13. David Hoyle

    Need help finding the IDesigner

    I'm not sure I understand correctly what you are trying to do here but the Open Tools API can provide you access to the IDesigner from INTAFormEditor.GetFormDesigner. You can get the INTAFormEditor by querying the IOTAModule interface for the form.
  14. David Hoyle

    Generic Drawing Engine

    Thank you @David Heffernan and @Eugine Savin. Clearly, I was too ambitious. I tried a few other things with generics and then abandoned them when they didn't work either. I decided to change the underlying coordinate system to Single from Integer and I'm using TPointF and TRectF and the real-time rendering in my application, even with VCL styles, does not seem to have diminished. Still need to test on an old machine with a crappy graphics card but I think this will allow me to do what I want going forwards.
  15. Check your IDEs Environment Variables (in the Options dialogue) and see if it is redefining the PATH variable to something that stops the IDE being able to search for the BPLs.