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Vincent Parrett

ANN: FinalBuilder Released - Automated Build tool for Delphi

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FinalBuilder is a fully featured automated build tool, which supports Delphi 3 to 10.4, along with C++Builder 4 or later. 


FinalBuilder IDE


FinalBuilder makes it simple to automate your entire build process, from compiling your Delphi projects to compiling and uploading installers, creating ISO's. There are over 600 built in actions, with support for Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Subversion, TFS and many other version control systems. 


Unlike xml or batch file based systems, with FinalBuilder you can easily debug your build process, with breakpoints, step over, step into etc. 


Of course FinalBuilder also integrates with Continua CI - our continuous integration server product, and with other CI servers such as Jenkins.


Thousands of Software Developers rely on FinalBuilder to automate the build, test and release process.

If you are not using FinalBuilder to automate your builds, you are missing out.


Download a fully functional 30 day trial version today

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