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SSDP-Discovery service blocks MiniUPNP from discovering my Router

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Currently using MiniUPNP for a project. Using the precompiled "upnpc-static.exe" (to avoid errors on my end when using their API, for now, will link to a dll later) i can not discover my router, when the windows service "SSDP Discovery" is enabled. Seems packets are never send from MiniUPNP. Does the Service lock the port 1900 for itself? Windows itself provides a COM-Based UPNP API but that is anything but reliable (sometimes it returns my devices, sometimes not).


MiniUPNP works reliable...as long as the SSDP Discovery  Service is disabled 😕


EDIT: Accoridng to this, the service cycles the interfaces. WIll have to check if using a specific interface solves it.

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