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Customized View For Android 11" (Tab S7)

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Trying to set up a customized view for Samsung Tab S7 which has an 11" screen.  I have been using the view for Android 10" and that works perfectly with the Samsung Tab S6 Lite but the customer now wants to use the Tab S7 and that places some of the buttons, nav bars in different positions on the S7 screen.  The manufacture specs for the S7 state resolution 1600X2560 pixels, 16:10 ratio, ~274 PPI.  Trying to followed the tutorial in the help file on Adding a Customized View to the View Selector but not sure where to get further information required such as MinPhysicalSize, MinLogicalSize and MaxLogicalSize as I am assuming the spec pixel size (1600 X 2560) is the MaxPhysicalSize.  Also don't understand where to get the 'Artwork' for this device.


Has anybody managed to setup a customized view for this device that could help me with the required figures or am I going in the wrong direction.


Any help would be appreciated.


Bill Zwirs

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hi Bill


have you seen the topic "Adding a Customized View to the View Selector" in you Help System with more attention? Or Jim McKeeth video about FireUI 



I also do not have access to this device to test and give some information with precision, but I can tell you that, to work with the positioning, scale, etc ... on screens of different dimensions, you can abuse the use of TLayout.

This component for UI is made for almost all the work that many would do manually, recalculating dimensions etc ...

He, in the old editions of RAD (Delphi at least), would be the TPanel, however, more improved for the current times.
In it you will find the property to determine the scale, and, consequently, for the visual components that are inside it.


here my sample to Android to Landscap and Portrait mode

  • look the buttons scaled


image.thumb.png.6d7e6e9b5023173c5c5511ef26ae8459.png             image.thumb.png.c141f6c1bff0f1c1c9ee7065337c0b3f.png






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