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Delphi iOS Metal Api Comparison (Video)

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Great, that looks awesome.

I think you draw your scene by yourself at low level, or you use a kind of game engine.


From my tests unfortunately I got crashes right away, had no time to discover deeper yet.

I'm afraid this is because I use FMX controls, also with some kind of animations active, but nothing very sspecial.

My guess is, that there were some differences in handling those animations.

Again I think I have to rebuild a test app from ground up, to check that behaviour.










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Thank you.


I am not use any special thing, just using OrangeUI for visual components, performance is better than FMX basic controls.

All buttons, labels, listviews, images from OrangeUI, also I am using BitmapAnimation for sprite animations. 



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Well, than I have to look into OrangeUI soon :classic_smile:

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On 1/19/2021 at 5:54 PM, Nasreddine said:

I really like the animations, what game engin are you using for the characters? 

Thank you, we used Blender for render sprite animations and some character animations from mixamo

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