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Ian Branch

Library Path disappeared??

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Hi All,

D10.4.1, Windows 10 64 bit.

Somehow my 32 bit Library path totally disappeared.

Any thoughts where I might find/recover it??


Regards & TIA,



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with RAD 10.4 all it's normal! 


If the string is very long, then, it can have been "truncated"....


Possible solution:

  • Open your REGISTRY
  • go to key where the "Library Path" is in  -- possible:
    • Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Embarcadero\BDS\<<IDE number>>\Library\Win32
  • do backup this key (export it for your disk for example)
  • delete some chars until it appears in your RAD
  • then, you'll have certains about this
  • the site of the "PATH" is the problem, then, 

it must be reduced, that is, it should not be necessary. Often, when we install components on the RAD, and then uninstall, their "PATH" still remains registered on these keys, however, in gray, indicating that the path is no longer valid.
For that, there is the button "Delete Invalid Path" ... you see me?



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Hi emailx45,

Thanks for your input/suggestion.

I went to that registry entry and it was empty.

I then remembered the Delph keeps a history of sorts of changes to the Library Path.  See attached.

I selected the last one, it was incomplete, but was able to add those paths missing.  Relatively painless.

So, I have two questions now..

1.  Why did it happen in the first place??  I will leave that in the hands of the Windows Gods.

2.  Where does Delphi keep this History?  I would like to make sure it is appropriately backed up.







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  1. Firstly, I dont know! Because I dont know about what you want before or any other info! You see?
  2. Second, all software, good software company, save your default values in "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\"
    1. Embarcadero, save in "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Embarcadero"
    2. Then, you can copy the "some" default values. Of course, if you install any component suit in your IDE, would be ideal re-install it later.
  3. If you DONT installed any add-on or third components suites in your IDE, this can be a "Embarcadero BUG in RAD 10.4" - some peoples report it

try and see if solve! if not, my tip "killer"

  • Uninstall RAD
  • restart MSWindows, delete all residual folders/files (include hided in "C: \ ProgramData" and keys on Registry
  • restart
  • Re-Install RAD

Now, my tip more "killer"

    • because this folder always needs Admin privilegies
  • Solution:
    • create a new folder in C:\ - for example:  c:\Embarcadero
    • now, install your RAD into it include yours components suites
    • this is valid for another softwares.
    • in my case, I use:
      • c:\EMB\RADRio\200\.....
      • c:\EMB\FastReport
      • c:\EMB\UniDAC
      • etc...
      • c:\MyProgs\VirtualBox
      • c:\MyProgrs\WinRAR
      • etc...

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