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Vincent Parrett

DPM Package Manager - progress update 2

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Hi All


I have been steadily working away on my package manager project - the latest update includes compile on install support.




When a package is first installed, it is automatically compiled (if the package spec has that support enabled) and then the project references the compiled version of the package. This speeds up builds on your own projects, since you are not compiling the dpm package sources each time. As an extreme example of this, the DPM build process (building for 12 versions of delphi!) previously took 13 minutes on my build server, after installing the latest dpm and running 2 builds (the first one compiled the packages), the build time is down to 2 minutes! Much of that speed up comes from the fact that older versions of delphi are quite slow at building Spring4D. 


I encourage everyone to check it out and provide feedback where possible. 


To get started using DPM, download the latest release from here :


You will need to configure a package feed (folder) and download some packages - see the  Getting started page 


Most of my open source projects have package files available under the releases tab on github  - https://github.com/vsoftTechnologies/


I have also added a mirror project for Spring4D on github so that I could publish packages (bitbucket doesn't support that) - https://github.com/VSoftTechnologies/Spring4DMirror
Same for JsonDataObjects - Andreas ignored my pull request for over a year so I closed it and just forked the project - https://github.com/VSoftTechnologies/JsonDataObjects


I'm still working on getting design time packages loaded.. need to get proper project group support going first. 


Previous updates here :








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