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How to install a design-time package

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I haven't used Delphi in many years but need to do so now. So please consider me very new to the platform with very little knowledge of things that I am sure are second-nature to most of you. I am trying to install the Python4Delphi packages into Delphi 10.4 into the Windows 64 Target platform. I know that there is a specific forum for Python4Delphi, but this question is general and very basic and I thought it would be more appropriate here.


The instructions from the Python4Delphi github wiki are: Open the "P4DComponentSuite" project group which can be found under Packages\Delphi\Delphi 10.4+ directory. Then install the dclPythondclPythonVcl and dclPythonFmx design-time packages.


There is a P4DComponentSuite.groupproj file in the directory referred to and I right-clicked on that and selected "Open" from the context menu when the IDE was open. Is that correct? (please see IDE screenshot.jpg, upper right). There are entries in the Projects area for dclPython$(auto).bpl, dclPythonVcl$(Auto).bpl, and dclPythonFmx$(Auto).bpl. If this is correct, what do I do next? At some point, when I was right-clicking something in the Projects area, the context menu contained an "Install" command and I thought that I was on the right track. However, now the "Install" command is gone (please see Context menu.jpg). When I go to the "Component|Install Packages|Add..." menu item, that doesn't seem to help because if I navigate to the appropriate directory, there are no .bpl files as such.


I would greatly appreciate some simple, clear instructions on how to accomplish this basic task.


Thank you in advance. 


Context menu.jpg

IDE Screenshot.jpg

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hi @vmishka


All package to "Design-Time" (DS) should have the option "Install"!

  • some company, create just "one" package (DS and RT), like TMS Components
  • other, like DevExpress, create one to DS, and other to RT!
  • To install the DS package, you need have the RT package builded, to produre the *.DCP and *.BPL
    • later, you can build your DT *.bpl's!
    • sometimes, just using "Install" options the package is builded, if the developer put this conditions on creation ---> compile/build as needed
  • Before a install of third-part components, it's ideal look the "Project -> Options" and see "where" the files will be builded, like, *.DCU / *.DCP / *.BPL
    • normally, the files *.DCP / *.BPL should be builded on "Public\....\Embarcadero\ n.nn version \ DCP or BPL folder for easy found by compiler/IDE -- good pratice!
    • but, many developers, include company, dont follow this  and put yourself definitions --> I prefere change/save it for first option above!
  • It's necessary, if not done, add or update the "PATH Library = DCU (debug or release) files used by compiler", "PATH Browser = PAS files used by IDE/Editor" and "PATH DCU = DCU files for debug", or be, verity if the folders it's ok (defined)
  • Another thing, the "order" of compiling/building it's necessary too!
    • First, RT package, according with "dependence of each other"
    • Second, DS pacakge -- same above
  • for rest, I think that is only this!

NOTE: some company, use build the BPL files on \Windows\System (or 32 in 64bits)! Bad pratice! then, verify if exist *.DCU / *.DCP / *.BPL of old editions and delete it before new compilation!

System folders is not good place for some like this!



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Thank you emailx45. While your help did not immediately fix the problem for me (the solution turned out to be to uninstall Delphi 10.4 and install the new 10.4.2), I really appreciate the thorough explanation of how to deal with runtime and design-time components.

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Posted (edited)

not for that!

you're wellcome!

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Also, FWIW, the IDE only accepts 32-bit Design-Time packages AFAIK. It's not a 64-bit app.

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