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  1. David Schwartz

    Install flag to say it's for ALL USERS?

    I really don't know the depths of the security policies involved, but remove your main user from the Admin group, and create a separate admin login (not Administrator, but a separate user that's in the Admin group) that you use in a way that the two accounts are not coupled in any way. Then lock up your Registry so that only members of the Admin group can access it. If you're really that curious, read up on HIPPA and PCI compliance, then find any others that impose restrictions on what you can access and factor them in. Set things up so you have to login through a VPN and tunnel through a secondary firewall, and change passwords every 6 weeks. In other words, pretend you want to manage medical bills and collections, and also collect credit card and check payments on your own servers. Where people can get access to their medical records that were submitted with the bills. Is your brain hurting yet?
  2. David Schwartz

    Install flag to say it's for ALL USERS?

    This is a problem on my WORK MACHINE! I'm not screwing-up my personal machine trying to figure out a work-related problem! If I had much interest in IT Administration, then maybe. But I just want to get stuff done without having to deal with walls designed to keep intruders out that in the end keep us from do what we were hired to do. It's above my pay-grade. About 10 years ago I had a contract at a bank where every Friday at noon the Corp IT Dept shoved down a bunch of Windows updates, and part of that ended up revoking all of the Admin rights on all of the Dev computers. We'd back stuff up in the morning then there was a Dev meeting at 11AM for an hour, and everyone would leave for lunch. When we got back, we'd spend the rest of the afternoon getting our machines back to a working state, assuming the IT folks gave us back Admin rights before they quit for the day. Where I'm at now, we don't GET Admin rights. Period! We can't even access the damn Registry! Because even though we're behind two VPNs and several firewalls and have most of the CPU bandwidth on our laptops allocated to background security stuff, they fundamentally don't think they can trust anybody except the Managers. As if no company ever had problems with their managers... (Actually, I was told it's mostly because one of the Sr. Mgrs insists on the ability to connect to any computer in the company at any time, including production machines. Which makes everybody's computer potentially an attack vector.) Like I said, it's above my pay grade. I'm just trying to see if anybody here may have had to deal with this crap.
  3. David Schwartz

    Install flag to say it's for ALL USERS?

    We have VMs provided to us by IT, and they must also conform to all strict security policies. That is, we cannot use a VM to escape these silly policies. This is on my company laptop. The VMs are on our intranet, and they're slower to use. It's not fun.
  4. David Schwartz

    VirtualBox - no audio

    Yes, I did find lots of reports and suggestions about this, but nothing that worked for me. I was hoping someone here might have found a solution. Thanks, tho.
  5. David Schwartz

    How to install a design-time package

    Also, FWIW, the IDE only accepts 32-bit Design-Time packages AFAIK. It's not a 64-bit app.
  6. David Schwartz

    VirtualBox - no audio

    On my system, the drop-downs (comboboxes) in the first set of images are all read-only and have no options. I can't change them. Not sure why. And yes, I do have the Extension Pack installed.
  7. David Schwartz

    VirtualBox - no audio

    I've been running VirtualBox on my Mac with Win10 and Delphi installed in it to do my Delphi work. So far, I haven't needed any audio. But I need to do something with audio, and am having trouble with getting it to work. I can play some videos on, say, YouTube, but a Delphi app that makes sound via TMS WebCore is silent. When I save it to a web server it works. I installed XAMPP on my Mac host and now I can open the file at localhost and it works. But running it inside of VirtualBox --> no sound. Actually, it works for a bit right after a reboot of the VM, but then it stops after a time -- I haven't determined what blocks it. It's not a huge problem, but it would be nice to consistently get audio out of the VM when I want it. Has anybody run into this and know how to solve it? I did some searching around and found stuff that says to change some driver in VirtualBox. But all I get is immutable combos with no way to change anything the way the articles explain. So I'm not sure what's going on there.
  8. David Schwartz

    Install flag to say it's for ALL USERS?

    Have you actually dealt with this problem? Anybody here who has?
  9. David Schwartz

    Install flag to say it's for ALL USERS?

    Yes, the OPTIONS button was pointed out to me. I tried it, and sadly it didn't solve the problem. Is there a video on using the PowerShell as suggested? I don't know anything about it.
  10. David Schwartz

    swagger help needed

    Any update on this? I can really use it right now. BTW, I'm still rather astonished nobody has published anything that does this for Delphi -- unless someone did but it's being kept a secret. There are at least a half-dozen for C# and one or more for nearly every language imaginable ... except Delphi. What do people using Delphi do to connect with REST servers that have Swagger specs available? Write their REST interfaces all by hand???
  11. David Schwartz

    Edge Webview update (?)

    But it's part of the base install now, according to their website. And it wasn't updated in GetIt previously even though it had been updated by MS.
  12. I didn't recall how I installed 10.4.1, so I went with the web installer. Their info says it's a "headless install" but it shows some command windows that require you to hit the Enter key a few times to continue. Other than that, it went pretty smoothly. It clearly removes the GetIt components, but stops before re-installing them.
  13. Maybe they should look into using Chocolaty for the installer? 🙂
  14. At work, all of our computers and networks and everything need to be compliant with PCI, HIPPA, and a half-dozen other security protocols. So when we install software in Windows, we need to elevate to Admin. Most software has shows something that asks if we want to install for "this user" or "All Users". Delphi doesn't ask that, and seems to default to "this user" -- which if you're forced to install as Admin, means a lot of stuff is not accessible if you're NOT running as Admin. We are forbidden from running any sort of normal stuff as Admin! So I'm unable to install updates or new software in my laptop. Maybe there's a flag that lets you set this somewhere? I know a lot of Delphi is used in healthcare environments that are subject to HIPPA and other provisions, so I can't be the only person having to deal with this. (Note: I don't have this problem on my own machine; it's only an issue with my work computer.)
  15. David Schwartz

    Edge Webview update (?)

    The announcement page says this Delphi update includes the latest release of the Edge Webview component. ok ... so ... why is it also listed in GetIt ?