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  1. David Schwartz

    is the site infected?

    I'm switching to Opera on my work laptop here. I don't think IT cares. I like how it can run a few extensions I use in Chrome that I really love. * RoboForm * Session Buddy * The Great Suspender
  2. David Schwartz

    is the site infected?

    It was happening at first only from this site, but it started happening in other browser windows, so it's probably not related. Our IT Dept puts so much crap on our machines for both security and general protection it's hard to believe. The CPU activity is constantly jumping around when I'm not doing anything. I don't like it. Anyway, all that "protection" and something apparently snuck through. <sigh>
  3. David Schwartz

    is the site infected?

    I fatfingered something over the weekend and a page came up with a bunch of naked men on it. Not my thing. But ever since then I've been getting weird stuff happening here. I'l click on a link and the form will open in another tab while the previous one opens some spammy site. One that keeps showing up is digitaltrends-dot-com, but it's not the only one.
  4. David Schwartz

    RzLauncher vs. Win API call

    For the situations where I need to launch and not wait for return, I create an instance dynamically and did some contortions so the OnFinished event handler kills the instance. But when you open a file in, say, Notepad++, it's really irrelevant. If you close the program before these instances have closed, they get freed anyway. The Windows API doesn't seem to care, so I could probably just launch them and forget them. As an aside, I was also looking for some code to launch a command and get the STDOUT back. Someone pointed out that JVCL has something built-in, an Execute function. There are actually several variations. But I couldn't find one that lets me set the working directory, which seems rather odd for such a complicated bunch of code. I found something else here that takes a working dir param, https://delphidabbler.github.io/delphi-tips/tips/61.html but it doesn't capture STDERR. Seems to always be something missing. 🙂
  5. David Schwartz

    best way to display a list of panels?

    That is something I want to do. In fact, I added right-click menu options for "Move up ^^^" and "Move down vvv". It's simple to move them on the list and then refresh the display. A drag-n-drop approach would be nice, but it's not worth the trouble for what I need.
  6. David Schwartz

    RzLauncher vs. Win API call

    since you're familiar with it, maybe you can tell me if it would suffer from the same problem?
  7. David Schwartz

    RzLauncher vs. Win API call

    I'm using the TRzLauncher (part of the old Raize Library available in GetIt from Konopka) to launch some apps from another app. For some reason, it will sometimes just stop working. It does not generate any sort of error, it simply doesn't do anything. I've had no problem running the same things using windows API calls, or going into the File Explorer and using right-click -> Open With... It usually works again if I close something else that I'd opened first. It also works if I close and restart the app itself. So I'm curious if there could be some odd memory limitations using it that don't apply if I'm calling the Win API directly. FYI: I drop one of these on the form and re-use it in a bunch of places in order to avoid having to manage individual instances of it. As I'm typing this, I'm wondering if there could be a reentrancy problem with it? This only happens if I launch something and say to not wait for it to complete. Then it won't let me launch anything else. I guess the Win API doesn't care, but the component might. The help doesn't mention this anywhere. It's a really simple component, but I guess that could be an issue. Any thoughts?
  8. David Schwartz

    How to handle generic hyperlinks in TRichEdit

    I posted this in SO and it was closed with a ink to another post. @FPiette offered to share some code he had done previously that does it. I thought this might be a better place for that.
  9. David Schwartz

    git workflow question

    I didn't come up with this. The guy who made it added the "... resolve conflicts" bit because we keep getting conflicts arising in stuff we're not working on. Our boss has even experienced that and he can't even explain it. Our so-called "git experts" said, "Well, you shouldn't be getting any conflicts". That's nice to know, but we are. At one point I _did_ stash some changes, then 5 minutes later I tried to pop them and got an error saying there were conflicts. I do not understand this stuff very well, obviously. I'm being told to "follow the scripts" and we get problems. Then I'm told the same thing you're saying, "Well obviously you DID mess something up and so you need to FIX it!" No, all I did was edit some files in the one folder that was associated with what the ticket I was working on related to. I did not touch anything else. And again, when I say that last bit, everybody hears "he's being defensive and trying to blame someone else!" I'm just trying to get ahead of this a little bit. I'm fed up with all this crap happening in other folders that I'm not visiting, and people suggesting that it's something I did. They don't want to listen to my explanations. From my standpoint, I just want to get rid of all these other folders and just focus on the few I need to do m work. But that will cause other problems. 🙂
  10. David Schwartz

    git workflow question

    Someone earlier asked about the flow we follow. Here's the current iteration. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Start day Open git bash from I: or V: > git checkout master ...if not in master > git pull ...resolve conflicts > cd /i … or /v, I.e. CD to the other drive > git checkout master ...if not in master > git pull ...resolve conflicts Create a new branch – only create a ticket branch from master > git checkout master > git pull > git checkout -b <ticket-branch-name> Interrupt current work to change context > git commit [-m"<comment>"] ...changed files as work-in-progress > git checkout master > git pull … should be current Continuing work in existing branch > git checkout <ticket-branch-name> > git pull origin master ...resolve conflicts Commit branch changes (while in branch) > git add file1 [file2] […] > git commit -m"<commit message>" Commit branch to the repository > git checkout <ticket-branch-name> ...switch to the ticket branch > git pull origin master ...resolve conflicts > git checkout master ...switch to master > git pull ...pull changes from repo, resolve conflicts > git merge <ticket-branch-name> ...merge the branch into the local master > git push origin master ...merge local master into remote master > git branch –D <ticket-branch-name> ...delete the branch ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Would it make sense to set these up as macros that can be triggered by buttons in a tab that's got a memo set up as a command prompt window? Or have them done automatically in certain situations? For example, I have something I'm fiddling with that lets me manage things I'm working with for a given ticket. It records contextual info (project name, folder, files, notes, etc) for a that ticket. So if I were to create a new ticket in this tool to respond to a ticket I got in my ticketing system, it could set up a new git branch and enter it. And if I switched to work on another ticket, it could do the necessary saving and context switching in git. If I close the app, it could prompt me to do a commit of my current work and switch back to master, or just leave things as-is.
  11. David Schwartz

    git workflow question

    Personally speaking, I'd rather not have to deal with things in other folders than what I want to be working in. I can see situations where that kind of behavior (updating files everywhere) would be helpful. But in this case, it's not. It slows things down, it creates a distraction, and unfortunately it leads to conflicts that you have to deal with before you can continue doing your own work. If someone else is misusing a tool, why should you be impacted by it?
  12. David Schwartz

    remove ExplicitXxxx properties

    I've never figured out why they change so often either. And with or without them, in the rare cases where I select None for an alignment, it usually just leave the object in the same place and dimensions. I don't care if it reverts back to something else or not.
  13. David Schwartz

    remove ExplicitXxxx properties

    What are they used for? I could never tell why they even started showing up.
  14. David Schwartz

    git workflow question

    I'm not clear enough in what git is doing to explain this much better, but here's what I think is happening... You make some changes to code in folders A, B, and C, while I'm working in P, Q, and R. I set up a branch and do a pull from master. It updates the files in my local A, B, and C folders, because you made changes to them. I'm not touching them. I make some changes to P then go home. In the morning I come in and do a git pull and get a bunch of stuff from A and C that you've been working on today. I finish up work on P, commit it, try to push it, and then I get a warning from git saying it cannot push because of a conflict in some files in A. So I have to stop what I'm doing and figure out what in the hell is the problem with files in a unit I had nothing to do with that's preventing me from pushing my changes in P into master. I've got customer service people pestering me to get these changes pushed into production ASAP, and you're at lunch, and whatever I do to proceed is going to screw up your work. This is what we're running into. I'm probably not even explaining it fully accurately, and it probably suggests we're doing something wrong. But all that sticks in my mind is that this issue is arising because of timing dependencies between when you pushed some stuff to git, when it got copied down to my local repo, when you then made some updates, caused a conflict yourself, and that got pulled to my local repo before you resolved it. So that left it to ME to resolve locally. In these situations (which have come up at least a dozen times in the past couple of weeks), I can neither pull nor push anything until I "resolve" the issues in YOUR code on MY local repo. I notify my boss who goes haywire, immediately sets up an emergency video conf call with 8 people, and we all spend 45 minutes trying to fix this mess. And the bottom-line is that people point their fingers at ME for screwing something up. All I know is, I did not touch any of the files in either A, B, or C, and everybody gets their knickers in a wad when I say that because it makes me sound defensive and trying to shift the blame. From MY perspective, I just keep asking, "Why in the world can't I just work on the files in folders assigned to me and not have to deal with all these other folders getting their files updated and having issues when they have nothing to do with anything I'm working on?" I'm still relatively new here, and the guy who has been single-handedly maintaining this code for the past several years left, but he made it all look like a walk in the park. We are now tripping over ourselves every other day with weird stuff like this that everybody says should not be happening. I'm pretty sure we're doing something wrong in how we're interacting with git. But we've been given three different scripts to follow now, and they all seem to result in the same problems coming up, but at different times and contexts.
  15. David Schwartz

    git workflow question

    Nope. I think if you understood the problem better, how our solution is organized, and the environment more, you wouldn't say that. Some of our other facilities take that approach, and our effective down-time is an order of magnitude lower than theirs, if not more.