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  1. David Schwartz

    cross-platform audio editor?

    I'm looking for something to use as the base of a simple audio editor that can be built to run cross-platform (Win, Mac, maybe Linux). able to set the basic channel settings (mono/stereo, 16/24 bit, sampling rate) single channel (mono or stereo) waveform display ability to record and easily edit (zoom in/out) recordings up to 1 hour a Normalize function would be good to have ability to Save As ... WAV, FLAC, MP3 As I said, pretty simple. (It's for recording audio books.)
  2. David Schwartz

    Database connection as parameter in class creation

    TMS has Aurelius that can generate ORM classes for you.
  3. I suspect the main reason this occurs as "smelly" is because there are so few reasons to do this kind of thing in Delphi. It's far more common in c/c++ as old-timers think it's perfectly acceptable. if you have a justifiable need to do bit-whacking like this, then I say, do it. I probably wouldn't do it for, say, a mere 5% performance gain, but 50%+ is far more justifiable. It would be nice to see some comments as to what's supposed to be going on because average Delphi coders won't make heads or tails of the code. (I personally have trouble dealing with pointers in Delphi, since I do it so seldom.) And be especially careful to point out any dependencies on assumed sizes of vars, especially integers that can vary depending on the platform. (Better yet, use explicit types that ensure fixed sizes and explain why.)
  4. David Schwartz

    SSL certificate for VCL Application Exe

    I have not encountered this before. Why is it needed? (just curious)
  5. I think it changed a few releases back and the docs haven't been updated.
  6. David Schwartz

    10.3.2 as next or waiting for 10.4?

    any guesses when 10.3.2 might be released? Don't they usually start these dog-and-pony shows within a few weeks of release?
  7. David Schwartz

    How do you organize units, forms?

    I prefer to have FormCreate, FormActivate, FormClose, FormDestroy, and related stuff at the top so I can see the main flow. One practice I've seen used in many projects is to have a static procedure at the top that's used to create the form dynamically and initialize things. Otherwise, I try to group methods that are related, so if there are several methods related to a ListView, they'll be grouped close together. Sorting alphabetically can be annoying, especially when people stick a 3-letter prefix on method names to say something about the type of control they're for.
  8. David Schwartz

    Injecting Pascal into PHP?

    If you're feeling ambitious, you could write an ObjectPascal interpreter that runs on Apache and acts similar to php. The challenge with that is there are elements in Delphi that have syntax and semantics that only apply to compiled code. An interpreted version of Delphi would need to be a little different. TMS Software has an interpreter that supports both BASIC and ObjectPascal syntax that you could probably use as a base for something. There's also DWScript, as was mentioned earlier. The problem with apps like WP and Drupal is they have not been written (historically speaking) in a very object-oriented manner, due to a bias lots of php coders have against OOP, believing it slows down execution time. Last I checked, Python was much slower than php (and fully OOP), yet it's use is growing extremely fast, so I guess execution speed is more of a religious issue than anything else. Then you've got all of the weird ways people do things OOP-wise with php code that would make most serious Delphi, C++, and C# coders gag.
  9. David Schwartz

    Upcoming Events issue..

    I've been seeing that in 10.2 for a while as well.
  10. Google shut down goo.gl recently, and while it's still working, the target file I was pointed at was moved, and you can't change the redirect. So, here ya go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xfkxm3w0xl6y0ax/CodeRage9_code.zip?dl=0
  11. David Schwartz

    How do you deal with git conflict annotations added to DFM files

    We have 3 people on our project and two are trying to use git as if it's TFS. I keep telling them they're not using it correctly, but they refuse to listen. They also only use the command-line interfaces. They won't use a GUI. I know they're heading for a train-crash, and this is the first evidence of it.
  12. David Schwartz

    How do you deal with git conflict annotations added to DFM files

    at what point? Is this something that should be resolved during the commit / push process? I'm surprised to see these annotations in source code at all.
  13. I got a strange compiler error while trying to build some newly updated Delphi code from a colleague -- it said there was an error in the use of a 16-bit resource in a file. Hmmm.... very strange. It turned out it was caused by annotations that git added to highlight merge conflicts during a commit. This is a snippet from one that I found in a DFM file. inherited pnlHelpDog: TPanel <<<<<<< HEAD Left = 1183 ======= Left = 1020 >>>>>>> 091477ff512cddd0288e69e330a1024cd0f011b5 TabOrder = 4 I'm wondering how others deal with this?
  14. it's done once, and it can be done in the background (separate thread) so as to be almost unnoticeable.
  15. thanks. Unfortunately, it's a lot of material to squeeze into the allotted time. I had to cut out some stuff, and it was simpler things that I assumed most people would know. I've probably gotten more flack for that than anything. I should probably re-do it and include the detailed stuff I cut out, and go a lot slower. I think it would fit nicely in 90 minutes. Also, in one sense, everything I discuss there is very simple. It's just not obvious, nor is it how things are usually done when you're talking about interfacing with forms. Think of a form as any other type of object, and my discussion will make more sense.