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Vincent Parrett

DPM Package Manager Progress - 15 March 2021

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Hi All


Some changes with the IDE integration this week. I was unsatisfied with how the IDE plugin behaved when working with large project groups, because the Messages View doesn't show until the project group has loaded. When restoring the first time on a machine that didn't have the packages, this resulted in a potentially long period (depending on how many packages need to be installed/compiled) where no status info is available to what's going on, making it appear as though the IDE had hung. So I decided to use a window (not modal) to show the log view as the projects are loading and packages restoring. I created a custom LogMemo component to show this since I couldn't find one that suited - fortunately I already had some code to base it off (VSoft.VirtualListView).  


The log window will auto close after a few seconds if the restore/install/uninstall succeeds, you can configure that auto close time in the options. 




I also added options so you can control when the log view shows.




Lastly, I added an option to not add DPM nodes to the project manager tree. On large project groups (the FinalBuilder project group has over 100 projects) it causes a long delay before the IDE is ready to use. This is because of how I had to hack into the IDE to add the nodes, the code is not at all efficient. When time permits I'll revisit this and see if I can find a better way. 



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