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New/old component re-released: TComPortDrv

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this is the announcement that I just re-released a classic Delphi component called TComPortDrv.

The new release is in agreement of the original author and the license was changed to Apache 2.0
by this.


What is this non-visual VCL component about?

It is an encapsulation of the Windows RS232 API so you can send and receive data via real and virtual COM-ports.

The new version works from 10.4.1 Sydney onwards (due to the use of $(Auto) for the LibSuffix setting of the packages.

You should get it compile on older versions though as well.


Where can I get it from?



What got changed in this V3.0

* made compilable with Unicode Delphi

* fixed a severe bug in the data receive event which would overflow the internal buffer when using this component with a high baudrate

  (over 230400)

* changed all external comments to XMLDOC

* added a method to get a list of available COM-ports (only as COM3, COM4 etc. as of now)

* added SetCommBreak and ClearCommBreak methods

* made DelayForRX function a method now and based its calculation on the current serial settings

* changed the component Icon




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Small update: it is available via GetIt now for users of 10.4.1 and 10.4.2. Enjoy!

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