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Tom Chamberlain

Delphi 10.4.2 custom templates

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I have a set of custom templates that I have used for years, just moved them from version to version, they are simple:

fbnc = FieldByName('FieldName').AsCurrency

fbni = FieldByName('FieldName').AsInteger


In 10.3.3 I could do dbSomeQuery.fbnc followed by a CTRL+Space and just press Enter for code completion and position to the highlighted FieldName in the template, in 10.4.2 this does not work.  I did not try this in 10.4 or 10.4.1, I was waiting for update #2  😞  If I do a fbnc on a line by itself and hit TAB it works so it is seeing the template, it is like it does like the . before the template name or maybe it does not like being on a line with other code.


I have tried changing the delay on the Options -> User Interface -> Editor -> Language (Delphi)  -> Code Insight tab, I also tried the Auto Invoke option.


Does anyone have a hint on how to make this work in 10.4.2 or is this a new 'feature'?



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