Ok, here is the installable component. The dimming is not tied to visible anymore, but to a property Active, which can only be set at runtime. The control to be dimmed isn't tied to the parent at design time, instead there is a published property DimmedControl, which the parent will be set to at runtime (unless it's nil, then no dimming is possible). At design time the component can be dropped anywhere to design the child controls. DimmedControl can be changed at runtime. The attachment contains packages for runtime and design and a crude demo. I haven't changed aehimself's unit- and class names, which I should have done, but I'm too tired now. I'm using Delphi 10.3.3, it should work for 10.4.*, too.   Instructions: Load BuildandDemo.groupproj Build DimPanel.bpl (runtime) for both Win32 and Win64 Build DimPanelD.bpl (design) Install DimPanelD.bpl Open and run DemoDim   The component is on the "Additional" tab. If TDimPanel is grayed under Win64, try to close and reopen the IDE. Hope it roughly works 🙂 Edit: Bug in previous attachment The size was not set right initially, has been fixed by an override to Loaded DimPanel.zip    
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