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Die Holländer

Conflict JVCL and Styles

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I upgraded to Delphi 10.4.1. and now I got a conflict between JVCL and when an application style is selected.

I use the TJvFilenameEdit and when I open the folder to select a filename in runtime and later close the appliction

an access voilation error about the style will occur and at the end the famous Runtime Error 216 is displayed.


Is this a known problem with JVCL? Anyone a suggestion how to use the JVCL and Styles?

For now I have disabled the styles because I use the JVCL a lot in my applications.


I come from Delphi 10.2 and there was no problem.









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I placed the TJvFilenameEdit on a new project form with a project style selected and now no access voilation occurs.

I've no idea why the access voilation happens in my existing project..

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It seems that is not the JVCL component that bugs me but the dialog used by this component.

The TJvFilenameEdit is using the TOpenTextFileDialog and when I execute this component the same problem with Styles occur.

I've also tried the standard TOpenDialog and also no luck. When I use the TFileOpenDialog (from the Vista Dialogs) then 

indeed a different filedialog is opened and no problem with styles occur when I close my application.

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