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TListView and Stylebook on 10.4

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Can someone confirm that styles are not applyed on tlistview? (seems a bug to me...all other controls are styled ok using stylebook).

It remains white.


Any suggestion?

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I can confirm it.  The only solutions are to use a different control (such as the Virtual String Tree) or to use the following library.


RRuz VCL Style Utils




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I should not be so affirmative. 

@MarkShark it's a FMX.TListView not a VCL one.

@Michele If you think : style of an item like for a FMX.TListBox, yes you can't  change Item style. You can only change Appearance and only use one for all the list, The Dynamic appearance is one of the most adaptable.

if you think : changing background colors you can



You can see above a personalized style, quick done, I only change itembackground.Color and buttontext.Color (listviewappearance = ImageListItemRightButton)


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Ha!  Sorry about that.  I didn't notice this question was in FMX!




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