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Delphi Community Edition Debugger vs Windows 10 Pr o

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I just bought a new PC with Windows 10 Pro preinstalled. After installing Delphi Community Edition I got an unexpected problem. If I try to compile and run via new code via the debugger then Delphi and all other open programs freeze. And it is impossible to shut down any app even Windows itself. But otherwise Delphi works just ok as long as i don't use the debugger. Is this a known issue using Windows 10 Pro?   Regards Egil Baltzer Frise

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Not an issue with Windows 10 Pro: I use it (64 bits) all the time with all updates installed.

Is your Windows up-to-date (Verify optional updates, latest release is Version 20H2).

Did you had any issue while installing Delphi?


Try running "as administrator".

Try disabling any security product (Anti-virus or other. Do'nt forget to re-enable it quickly after test and before connecting to the Internet).


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Thanks, the issue is resolved. The culprit appears to be 'SpyHunter 5 - System Guard'. Egil

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