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  1. FPiette

    SVN server updated

    I would suggest to use TortoiseSVN which is a subversion GUI tool perfectly integrated in Windows Explorer context menu. Much easier to use than SVN command line. In the command line, you should add usercode and password. Type "svn help co" to get help. Usercode and password are both "ics" in lower case with quotes. Try this command line: svn checkout --username ics --password ics svn://svn.overbyte.be/ics/trunk
  2. FPiette

    SVN server updated

    We all should thank Angus for his huge work in ICS world. Angus, I say THANK YOU!
  3. Before stating remote is down, you'd better do a few pings and decide the remote site is down only if all pings are failing or at least a given percentage of the pings failed. Please be aware that it is prossible to completely shutdown ping response in a system. If you control both servers then you can use ping. If you don't, be preapared to use an alternative the day ping are disabled.
  4. Please clarify your question: in my mind,"send" and "download" are not compatible. It is either "receive" and "download" or "send" and "upload". Have a look at various demos delivered with ICS distribution.
  5. You two involved PC are on a LAN? Same segment or is there routers or switches? Ping is not a reliable protocol, one ICMP message can be lost in case of high trafic. If you loose one ICMP message per one thousand, it looks acceptable to me.
  6. When it fails, try using command line ping to see if it fails as well AT THE SAME MOMENT.
  7. It is also possible to use a TTimer for desired timeout and call Albort against the socket waiting for connection.
  8. Using madExcept is of great help regarding accessing invalid memory, buffer overflow, freed memory or object and so on. I recommand using it for such issue.
  9. Internal error are produced when the compiler is confused (Read: bugged). Sometimes it result from earlier error. The best thing to do is quit the IDE, manually delete all DCU (I don't remember if D7 already had the "clean" function. If yes, use it before stopping the IDE). The restart the IDE and compile everything. If this doesn't work, maybe you should use a newer compiler. Now there is the "community Edition" which is "pro" version, free of charge for everyone including business (Up to US$5000,- gross revenue).
  10. On client side, you have the event OnSessionConnected triggered with an error argument being zero. If client can't connect to server, you still have the same OnSessionConnected event triggered but with an error argument not zero, for example 10061 which means the server is not running at the IP/Port/protocol specified. Use state property only for display or log. Use events for everything that "happens" such as connection established or closed or data available and more. Read the comment "About multithreading and event-driven" in OverbyteIcsWSocket.pas (The main source of the sockect component).
  11. FPiette

    Remote Desktop with ICS

    @jbWishmaster did you finally solved your problem? If so, what was the real issue, what have you done to solve it? Having the solution in the message thread is very useful for others...
  12. I wish you all Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas! François Piette
  13. FPiette

    THttpServer port number...

    The component doesn't do that by itself but has a property to select the port to listen to. So just assign it to the value you need before calling start. Please note that the client must know the port to connect so I don't understand why you want a random port! Unless you used the term "random" instead of "custom".
  14. FPiette

    ICS Wish List

    In my opinion, OAuth1 (Twitter), IMAP (mail client and server) and Linux (Including Android) are the most demanded. For Linux/Android, I have already been asked a lot of time. I always answered: when I need it for my own business or if someone want to fund the project. Remember ICS-SSL was born because I wrote it when a group of supporters agreed to pay a little fee to fund the development. That was a success as you know. After the initial period of exclusivity for those having paid, ICS-SSL is now merged with ICS.
  15. Would be interesting if you explain what was the real issue. other user will find your message and will be happy with your explanation. Thanks.