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  1. FPiette

    Any good replacement for Indy email?

    Try ICS (Freeware) : http://wiki.overbyte.eu/wiki/index.php/Main_Page or using GetIT from Delphi IDE. If you need help with ICS, don't post here but in the a dedicated forum: https://en.delphipraxis.net/forum/37-ics-internet-component-suite/
  2. FPiette

    D11 - A bridge too far.. :-(

    You should buy only components delivered with full source code. And more: you should rebuild the components as part of your application project group to be sure you have all the bits and pieces of the components. Never use prebuild dcu nor dll! Then as @Uwe Raabe said above, you'll will probably never be annoyed to much with new Delphi compiler. Most of the time only minor adjustments are required and vendor is not needed. If you really need the vendor and you are an experienced Delphi developer then stop using those components. They are not well written or the vendor want to lock you with his product and force you to buy an upgrade.
  3. Not many work hours into that price. Why don't you use Delphi community edition to build the DLL yourself? Later you can ask someone with a valid license recompile it for you.
  4. FPiette

    D11 - A bridge too far.. :-(

    Is the app VCL or FMX ? Which component set are you using ? You don't show much but it doesn't look standard Delphi components. Do the users have a HiDPI monitor ? What is your and their zoom factor for text size (In Windows display settings).
  5. FPiette

    D11 - A bridge too far.. :-(

    Could you be more specific about what doesn't work as you expect? Maybe add some screen shots showing the issues? Which component is not showing correctly? If you think Delphi 11 has a problem, please write a report at https://quality.embarcadero.com.
  6. How much are you ready to pay for such a DLL? Would probably cost more than upgrading your Delphi version.
  7. FPiette

    Reinstalling Delphi 10.4 after PC Crashed

    Did you reinstalled the same Delphi version that you had before and for which you have a license key? By the way, you should have a backup of your system and restore that backup. That way all your software would be still installed and registered. Now, once your system is up and running again with all important and costly software reinstalled, you'll start to backup it regularly. I suggest you use a tool like Macrium Reflect to create images and rescue disk. Of course you need [removable] disk with same capacity.
  8. FPiette

    enable/disable the internet connection?

    /* Don't be offended */ Many peoples are asking questions about how to implement a solution to a problem they have. You gave the reason why you are asking your question and I gave answers to help solve the update problem you have (I don't have that Windows 10 update so there should be no reason for you to have it). Probably you can achieve your goal by launching netsh utility from your Delphi code. Look at the doc: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/networking/technologies/netsh/netsh-contexts
  9. FPiette

    enable/disable the internet connection?

    Which version do your have ? There are several DIFFERENT Windows 10 version. It has been largely enhanced since the first version! Major updates are in the optional updates so you probably are still running the first version. That would explain the different behavior between your WIN10 and mine. Currently the last major release is named "21H1". See attached image from my system.
  10. FPiette

    enable/disable the internet connection?

    You system must be badly configured. I never have a force reboot using Win10 PRO: the system tells me a reboot is required but don't reboot by itself (You can also set the working hours so that the system still reboot but only in the non-working hours). I suggest you have a better look at all the related setting. And also make sure you have the latest Windows 10. Currently this is version 21H1.
  11. As I said, a variable having a type equal to a class use NO MEMORY until it is assigned a value coming from the constructor (A constructor use dynamic memory allocation to create space for the object instance and return the pointer). If you copy another variable value, then you have a second pointer pointing to the same object instance. beware of pointer becoming invalid as soon as the object pointed to is destroyed.
  12. A class declaration doesn't allocate any memory unless there are class variables inside that class. Memory is allocated when - at run time - the constructor is called. A variable having a type equal to a class is actually a pointer to the memory allocated for the class instance by calling the constructor. Class are handled "by reference". By the way, you should by a good book about Delphi programming (the language, not the runtime libraries). Look there to make your choice: https://delphi-books.com/en/
  13. You are in an ICS support forum, not a devexpress one. Please repost your question at the right place. Since devexpress is a commercial product, the best place is probably the support area at devexpress website (https://www.devexpress.com/).
  14. FPiette

    How to Change Comport Name?

    May be this StackOverflow article would help?
  15. Did you try compiling a sample code with that syntax?