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  1. FPiette

    50 Years of Pascal

    I started to use Pascal in the beginning of '80. I don't remember the exact year but it was something like 1981. At that time I used Pascal on a Motorola 68000 development system to build an image processing system for the industry. I also used USCD Pascal but I don't remember the exact context. Later I moved to C on microcomputers and then CP/M machines and the IBM-PC. On the PC, I used Pascal MT+ at lot before using exclusively C for long time, actually until Delphi was born. And much later, in 1995, I moved to Delphi that I still use today, every days.
  2. ReceiveStr is aimed at AnsiString and use - by default - CR/LF (Two 8 bit ASCII characters, $0D and $0A) as delimiter. I'm not sure that in Unicode, two consecutive bytes are not allowed to be $0D and $0A which are the CR/LF. Probably LineMode would also work if you use $0D, $00, $0A, $00 as LineEnd. But you'll have to provide your own routine to convert the Unicode received as an AnsiString correctly as Angus said above. I have no idea what you are doing and so I cannot advice you better. You should explain what you intend to do. It looks you are designing your own protocol, quit unusually compared to most protocols (FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3 and many others) which use ANSI or UTF-8 or Binary or a combination of two.
  3. TWSocket makes a conversion to AnsiString when using SendText. This is intended to implement higher level protocols. To send anything, use Send like this: var S : String; begin S := 'Hi ' + Chr(65445) + Chr(65470) + #13#10; WSocket1.Send(PChar(S), Length(S) * SizeOf(Char)); end;
  4. 10.4.2 is near the end of beta. Maybe wait a little bit unless you take the update subscription (You should).
  5. FPiette

    ICS Whois Client

    The instead of asking always the same question, retrieve the whole data and then ask a specific question related to parsing text data. That new question should NOT even mention WHOIS nor ICS since it is related to parsing text data. And do NOT ask this question here in ICS dedicated forum, ask in a general purpose forum (Could be on DelphiPraxis other forum or StackOverflow). One last recommendation: Do NOT create new accounts here and there you will just makes people angry (That's mostly the same people answering everywhere and they will recognize you).
  6. Are you used to work with C++ Builder or are you a newbie? If you are used, I would suggest you create YOURSELF a new component package and add TWSocket.pas to it and then add all missing units. This could be tedious. The using that new package (install it) you then try a fist example using on TWSocket.
  7. FPiette

    (Hole) align hole inside the panel form 1

    You should better explain what is the problem.
  8. FPiette

    (Hole) align hole inside the panel form 1

    And do not post the same question here and on StackOverflow. The same pleoples are answering anyway.
  9. Would be interesting to check if the decrypting functions of each library is able to decrypt encrypted values generated by other libraries.
  10. Just move the cursor near the top of your source file, locate the "uses" keyword and add System.Math in the list. Delphi automatically add the units required for the components you drop on the form but not for other general purpose functions, data types, variables,... There are a huge number of units such as System.Math. You should really learn how to use the error messages that the compiler gives to fix your code by searching in the help files (F1 key) or the documentation website http://docwiki.embarcadero.com (available from the "help" menu item in the IDE.
  11. As I said, it is always better to have error messages. And this error is very clear: you are using an identifier "Tan" which is not declared. This error is always telling you that you either use something that doesn't exist (typo error) or you forgot to add a unit to the "uses" clause. You then have a look at the documentation and here you'll discover that trigonometric functions are defined in a unit name System.Math. Just add it to your uses clause.
  12. You should tell which error you get or which incorrect answer (along with the correct answer)! Maybe you forgot that trigonometric functions take their argument expressed in RADIAN, not in DEGREE.
  13. FPiette

    How to crash the ICS web server

    It is valid to provide an IP as an integer. Would be solved if parsing make use of int64.
  14. FPiette

    Find groups for current windows user

    Use NetUserGetLocalGroups. And look the answer of this question to know how to call it.
  15. I don't think so. This is a highly desirable feature to be able to use an existing indentifier. There are rules that the compiler follow. And as @Rollo62 said, you can always use fully qualified names to designate what you want to.