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  1. FPiette

    How to remove C++ from RadStudio 12 after installation?

    Sure it is the same ! Nevertheless, uninstall that version completely and reinstall Delphi 12 personality only.
  2. FPiette


    Avec plaisir.
  3. FPiette


    It is likely a path issue. There are DirectX units in DSPACK which are also in Delphi. Your GDIAPI was probably compiled using Delphi's units while your application is compiled with DSPACK. I suggest you get rid of DSPACK. It is an old thing that is no more maintained. I used it in the past and updated my code to use DirectX units of Delphi.
  4. FPiette


    Just look at the GetEvent declaration and the declarations of you variables. BTW: Do you know that DirectX API exists now in Delphi. It was missing when DSPACK was created but now it exists.
  5. FPiette


    Is it what you are looking for: https://github.com/YepSfx/DSPack
  6. FPiette

    How to remove C++ from RadStudio 12 after installation?

    When installing retail Delphi 12, the installer should have removed the beta version. Try running the installer again and select remove product (or similar item). Then reboot your computer. Then run the installer to install only Delphi.
  7. FPiette

    How to remove C++ from RadStudio 12 after installation?

    Run Delphi personality only: add "-d Delphi" to the shortcut you use to launch the IDE. See the documentation: IDE Command Line Switches and Options
  8. FPiette

    How to break up an OnPaint event?

    Maybe you are doing computation in the OnPaint event. Decouple computation from presentation (the drawing). For the drawing itself, avoid drawing pixel by pixel on screen. Avoid having hundreds of components to draw. Avoid drawing invisible parts. Painting in a bitmap and then blasting the bitmap on screen could be faster than painting on screen directly.
  9. FPiette

    Upgrading EurekaLog for Delphi 12

    Use Process Monitor to spy on which module (DLL, BPL,...) EurekaLogExpert290.bpl try to load.
  10. You may either measure the time for both way of doing it, of look at the assembly code generated.
  11. Maybe your are wrong. With dcc64 compiler, Integer is 32 bits and NativeInt is 64 bits. Either define varindex as a NativeInt, or use a cast for count (You cannot have more that 2^31 index in that case).
  12. FPiette

    Set a default parameter for a function??

    You can specify default parameter values in a procedure or function heading. Default values are allowed only for typed const and value parameters. To provide a default value, end the parameter declaration with the = symbol followed by a constant expression that is assignment-compatible with the parameter's type. Parameters with default values must occur at the end of the parameter list. That is, all parameters following the first declared default value must also have default values. function GetWeekDates(const GivenDate: TDateTime; out startDate, endDate: TDateTime; const SOWDay: string = 'SU'): Boolean;
  13. FPiette

    New proyect in Delfos

    Please post in English. Use Google Translate if you don't know English. Edit your message to make it in English. Thanks.
  14. FPiette

    ICS V9.0 announced

    It works seen from here. Does it works for you?
  15. FPiette

    Can not install Delphi Community Edition 11.2

    That's not how to remove a program. You should have used the installer to remove it because there are many other things (registry keys for example) and other folders. Now you must find all references to the old program and delete it, including hidden files and folders. Do that with administrator privileges.