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  1. FPiette

    Delphi on Surface Pro with Qualcomm CPU?

    OK, you are tempted. But IMO that is a non-sense.
  2. FPiette

    Delphi on Surface Pro with Qualcomm CPU?

    According to Microsoft, most Win32/Win64 applications runs on the Surface Pro having an ARM processor. Of course there is an emulation layer to run Intel machine code on an ARM processor and there is probably a performance penalty. Tom's Guide reviewed two Surface Pro 9 : one with Intel i7-1255U and one with ARM SQ3. Intel configuration is largely superior to ARM configuration. There is only one area where ARM is better: battery life. This was expected given the lower performance of the ARM processor. If you plan to buy Surface Pro 9, pay attention to various configurations there are not at all equals!
  3. Is it a basic setup using default options and folders? Anything added after setup, like libraries, components, experts, addons and similar?
  4. To be clear, the question is not about Delphi installer. The elevated privileges are requested when running the IDE, after installation. Or is it me that did not understood the question ?
  5. I have the same UAC setting as you but I don't have any issue with the IDE requesting elevated privileges. There is something suspect on your system. Don't relax UAC settings!
  6. FPiette

    VCL Form Designer Zoom

    Using latest Delphi (12.1), you can open a new edit window (right click on the tab and select "New edit window". Then in the window which is opened, you see your source code and you can switch to design mode by clicking on "design" tab located bottom right of the edit window. Now, you see the form editor. It is still embedded in the designer window but it is bigger than in the main IDE window yet still not full screen. You can enter a feature request in Embarcadero Quality Portal. If you do, publish the reference here.
  7. FPiette


    Never! Which database are you using? Which database access component are you using?
  8. FPiette


    IMO it is not a good idea to unlock an locked file. Usually, a program lock a file because it is doing operation on the file which requires an exclusive access. Unlocking the file without shutting the program down will probably result in corrupted file or file in an inconsistent state when you access it (for example copy the file elsewhere).
  9. Well, I'm shocked. You were right! I've moved the creation of the components from the initialization part to the Execute procedure and It's the same fast now as Indy. Your ICS component event wre handled by the main thread which - you said that - is quite busy. Now that you created to component in thread's execute method, the events are handled by the thread. This is how Windows work with asynchronous operation (cooperative multitasking). We cannot change the component for you own need. You have the tools to do that in your own code. In the vast majority of programs using ICS component, no multithreading is ever needed. You have something wrong in your main thread for it to be so slow. Check your design and place multithreading where it is really helpful. I have an application using ICS that has more than 700 active users and yet doesn't make use of any thread. Both client and server are using ICS.
  10. You are not clear enough. You MUST create ICS component in the thread's Execute() method. Creating it in the thread's constructor will result of all events running in the main thread context. The mistake is probably having the main thread with a less than 100mS response time. Are you polling devices from the main thread? If yes, that's there you have to move code to a thread.
  11. FPiette

    "CAN" bus advice

    A few years ago, I used with great success Peak Systems CANUsb interface. They have a Delphi unit for it.
  12. Doing like this is likely makes your ICS component in the main thread context. You should create the ICS component inside the thread execute method. You cannot compare with different OpenSSL versions. Best performance with ICS is when using asynchronous operation and events. Synchronous operation will slow things down. You probably not even need a thread in the first place!
  13. Your TImageList seems to contain 16x16 pixels images. That's why it is pixelated. Use the same size - in pixels - as the source image.
  14. FPiette

    ICS Installation

    Error 9009 means "File not found".
  15. FPiette

    method for get file

    I told you to better describe your needs. Copy or CopyFile is Windows and it works whatever the physical network is between the two computers provided windows networking is running. TCP is a low level protocol that Windows Network use to implement his communication protocol (Which by the way is also implemented in Linux using SAMBA). FTP is a higher level protocol, making use of TCP to exchange files between two sites. IP address is the way to identify a computer inside a TCP/IP network. And there are many many more things that we cannot mention here (It would become a huge article). That's why you need to describe your needs.